Wanna Be my Boyfriend?

Come Home To This?

Come Home To This?

The best part of being a Dreamgirl is knowing that I have aroused you.  Another side benefit is that I have found my inner goddess and have become insatiable when it comes to my need for sex.  Lately I’ve been getting very naughty and daring by inviting my boy toys to my home just so I can be filled up.  Hearing them grunt and groan as they push harder and release deep inside me while sweating profusely is so animalistic.  I love the feel of their raw emotions spilling out of them as they drive deep inside me.  It makes me feel so good and powerful to know that I was good enough to make them happy and fulfilled.   Can I fulfill you?

So this week after I invited my lover over to my house for a few hours of incredible sex, I was so spent, but my lover wanted to take a few photos of me, so I put my lingerie back on and let him take some photos. He kept whistling and saying naughty things to me as he snapped away. It just got me so horny that as soon as he put the camera down, I grabbed for his cock and we went at it one more time!  Click Here to see the Photos.  Do they get you horny?


From The Archives – Interracial Gang Bang Update

One of my most popular clips is from Halloween several years ago when my friend Christina brought a few friends over and what started out as a small party turned into an interracial gang bang. My own husband even walked out at some point as he couldn’t stand to watch. Fortunately while my husband went out for some fresh air, Christina’s husband continued to let the camera role. Recently he shared this video with me which shares a different perspective of the evening. Wow, did they really just provide us with more trick than treat? In the end, I don’t think anyone even had a taste of the pumpkin pie that I had baked. With all the screaming we did, I’m surprised the nosey neighbors didn’t come over and tell us to calm down. Well now you can come in and tell us if we get too loud.

I’m your American Honey

Do you know what an American Honey is? Well obviously one of my members thinks I am one as he sent me this little tank top to wear for you! I’m not sure exactly, but when I think of what it means, I’m thinking about Daisy Dukes and Midwestern or Southern girls. Well since I don’t really live in the Midwest anymore, I thought I’d ask, the person who sent me this shirt. He told me that for him, an American Honey is: “America’s greatest asset. A beautiful girl who naturally represents the beauty of the land where I live and is the epitome of the sweetest part of living in America”. Oh wow….. That’s a lot to live up to. I’m sure in every country there is something equivalent, but I’m glad someone thinks I’m an American Honey. Did you know that it is also the name of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands?

I wonder if California Girl or Georgia Peach are equivalents? Actually I did a little lookup online myself to figure this out and the shirt really is a marketing shirt for a liqueur. In fact, it is a nice Wild Turkey bourbon. Wild Turkey eh? Perhaps that is appropriate right before Thanksgiving. Well come on in and take a swig of me. I promise to be whatever you believe an American Honey should be.

When you lose your iPhone


My iPhone Adventure…….what do you do when you absent-mindedly leave your life…..I mean your iPhone….in a taxi cab in Los Angeles? There is an App called Find My Phone which is supposed to help, but when you have lost your phone it’s not so simple because….well, you’ve lost your phone.

I’m a smart cookie though, right?  Nevertheless, I borrowed my colleague’s phone and it turns out that she has an iPhone 3 and Find My Phone won’t work on an iPhone 3. Then, I used the iPad of a coffee shop employee where I was dropped off and instead of finding my phone, the App found my computer which was safely blinking away in a location that turned out to correspond exactly to my bedroom some 10 miles away.

Though I had downloaded the App onto my phone, apparently I hadn’t initiated the App and therefore…..technology would prove to be of no assistance. Of course, I had a taxi cab receipt which had the numbers for all 5 of the local cab companies in the city! But, the number I really needed to locate the driver, the cab dispatch number, I didn’t know at all.

Happy ending?…..after I left the coffee shop, the cab driver back and had informed the manager  (who chose not to look for me, although I go there every day, when the driver had returned looking for me) that he would take the missing phone to the Apple Store.

When I ultimately learned this from the manager somewhat later in the evening, the store hadn’t received any cab-delivered iPhones. But, as a last measure of desperation I went to the Apple Store just prior to closing time and, amazingly, my phone had been returned. Moral of this story?……Los Angeles has great cab drivers and don’t live your life on the iPhone

Is it 3’s a Crowd or 3’s Company?

(Now available in MPEG4 formats to work on all devices!) ~ My sweet girlfriend Christina sent me this video and reminded me of the first time she and I got together when she brought her friend Markiss over to my house. They wanted to have sex on my bed. I wasn’t sure at first, but as you can see I decided to watch and then got involved. It might have been the first time I had another woman go down on me and to my surprise, I loved it. Of course there is nothing better than a huge cock to fill me up. I could imagine doing this every day. Good thing I go to work every day downtown or I’d host a party on my bed every day while my husband was away at work. Well, I am glad to share this with you. I sure hope you enjoy. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!