When you lose your iPhone


My iPhone Adventure…….what do you do when you absent-mindedly leave your life…..I mean your iPhone….in a taxi cab in Los Angeles? There is an App called Find My Phone which is supposed to help, but when you have lost your phone it’s not so simple because….well, you’ve lost your phone.

I’m a smart cookie though, right?  Nevertheless, I borrowed my colleague’s phone and it turns out that she has an iPhone 3 and Find My Phone won’t work on an iPhone 3. Then, I used the iPad of a coffee shop employee where I was dropped off and instead of finding my phone, the App found my computer which was safely blinking away in a location that turned out to correspond exactly to my bedroom some 10 miles away.

Though I had downloaded the App onto my phone, apparently I hadn’t initiated the App and therefore…..technology would prove to be of no assistance. Of course, I had a taxi cab receipt which had the numbers for all 5 of the local cab companies in the city! But, the number I really needed to locate the driver, the cab dispatch number, I didn’t know at all.

Happy ending?…..after I left the coffee shop, the cab driver back and had informed the manager  (who chose not to look for me, although I go there every day, when the driver had returned looking for me) that he would take the missing phone to the Apple Store.

When I ultimately learned this from the manager somewhat later in the evening, the store hadn’t received any cab-delivered iPhones. But, as a last measure of desperation I went to the Apple Store just prior to closing time and, amazingly, my phone had been returned. Moral of this story?……Los Angeles has great cab drivers and don’t live your life on the iPhone