I’m your American Honey

Do you know what an American Honey is? Well obviously one of my members thinks I am one as he sent me this little tank top to wear for you! I’m not sure exactly, but when I think of what it means, I’m thinking about Daisy Dukes and Midwestern or Southern girls. Well since I don’t really live in the Midwest anymore, I thought I’d ask, the person who sent me this shirt. He told me that for him, an American Honey is: “America’s greatest asset. A beautiful girl who naturally represents the beauty of the land where I live and is the epitome of the sweetest part of living in America”. Oh wow….. That’s a lot to live up to. I’m sure in every country there is something equivalent, but I’m glad someone thinks I’m an American Honey. Did you know that it is also the name of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands?

I wonder if California Girl or Georgia Peach are equivalents? Actually I did a little lookup online myself to figure this out and the shirt really is a marketing shirt for a liqueur. In fact, it is a nice Wild Turkey bourbon. Wild Turkey eh? Perhaps that is appropriate right before Thanksgiving. Well come on in and take a swig of me. I promise to be whatever you believe an American Honey should be.