Rebecca’s Holiday Hose


I am feeling very festive and giving this holiday season.  Must be the Holiday spirit which I seem to always fall for.  Okay, I got the message loud and clear.  One of my members, Dominic, has been begging for me to do more pantyhose shoots.  Well it is always too hot where I live to wear pantyhose. So he had over 2 dozen pair of pantyhose sent to me.  Well how could I resist?  We had our holiday party at a large hotel and since it was so chilly I conveniently put on the pantyhose.  In fact, this dress and the hose are also likely what I will be wearing when I go out for New Year’s Eve parties.  Well I hope this shoot comes out right for all you pantyhose lovers.

So do you guys like seeing my ass tightly wrapped in stretchy fabric and pussy held captive behind some nude nylon?  Do you just want to rip them open and touch me?  Yes, tear them off of my body?  Oh I would really like to do that.  Come on in and see me flash my pantyhose covered ass all over the hotel.  Hopefully security cameras didn’t catch me but you can, when you CLICK HERE

Santa Needs Help! Rebecca to the Rescue!


I got the call from the North Pole and it appears Old St. Nick once again under-estimated and over-ate this holiday season.  He needed help and I was in the giving mood.  Who doesn’t want to be one of Santa’s little helpers?  The only problem with being a Santa’s helper is that you have to wear the silly uniform.  Those little elves have the worst gig.  The long hours, the terrible location and lastly the ghastly uniforms.  They don’t even get time off during the holidays working for that jolly old fellow!  I mean, even Frosty the Snowman gets to go outside and play in the show with the reindeer.  Well, like I said, who could say NO to Father Christmas!  Can you help me too?!

Like I said, tis the time to get out there and help others.  This means even if I have to put on this silly little uniform, then I will humiliate myself to make sure everyone out there gets a toy!  Now for your job, they are called Santa’s “Little” helpers.  That means the uniforms are a little tight.  Can you help me out?  Come on in and help me take this off!  CLICK HERE


Darn! You Caught Me!


Yes, you caught me.  I really am just a sucker for the holidays.  Every year I go all out in my decorations.  Nutcrackers, lights, tinsel, fake snow, and yes……mistletoe!  I try not to act like a crazy person with all the decorations and those that know me crack up when they see me walking from the lot with yards of garlands, wreaths as big as hula hoops and Santa costumes!  I just can’t help myself.  The spirit of the season just overwhelms me and I want to get in the mood.  Sometimes I start so early everyone starts to laugh…”there goes Rebecca” is usually what they say.

Well don’t just stand there.  Pick up some lights and start stringing them up.  If you are going to hang out with me this season, just think of me as Mrs. Claus and you can be “Mrs. Claus’s little helpers”.  Well cmon into my little workshop and we can get in the spirit together.   Tis the season and I am in a very giving mood.  So come on over.  I might even take a trip to look at your North Pole.  Hop in my sleigh and let’s go!  CLICK HERE

Bikinis in December? United We Party

So my photographer told me I needed make an emergency photo shoot. Since when is a photo shoot ever a rush job? Next thing you know, she shows up at my door with a bikini. It’s December! It is 45 degrees out and freezing rain! Well it turns out that a member saw my American Honey tank top photo last month and thought that I needed to not only put on the American Honey bikini, but that I should send in my photos so that I could be an American Honey girl! Lots of criteria. I had to send in some artistically done photos as well…..

Well it is not often you get to see an American woman in a bikini in December. I couldn’t just send in these photos and not share them with all of you. Oh what the heck. It was just a little cold. I mean, what’s a few goose pimples. I won’t make the finals, but I love taking the photos for you anyway. Don’t think it is cold? Come on in and count my goose pimples yourself!