Bikinis in December? United We Party

So my photographer told me I needed make an emergency photo shoot. Since when is a photo shoot ever a rush job? Next thing you know, she shows up at my door with a bikini. It’s December! It is 45 degrees out and freezing rain! Well it turns out that a member saw my American Honey tank top photo last month and thought that I needed to not only put on the American Honey bikini, but that I should send in my photos so that I could be an American Honey girl! Lots of criteria. I had to send in some artistically done photos as well…..

Well it is not often you get to see an American woman in a bikini in December. I couldn’t just send in these photos and not share them with all of you. Oh what the heck. It was just a little cold. I mean, what’s a few goose pimples. I won’t make the finals, but I love taking the photos for you anyway. Don’t think it is cold? Come on in and count my goose pimples yourself!

3 thoughts on “Bikinis in December? United We Party

  1. Very nice you got my vote! Those other calendar girls were wearing far too much clothing for my taste anyway 🙂

  2. Is clitoris piercing viable option for you?? I did with my husband approval in tattoo parlor here. India is changing and Mumbai is the place.

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