Darn! You Caught Me!


Yes, you caught me.  I really am just a sucker for the holidays.  Every year I go all out in my decorations.  Nutcrackers, lights, tinsel, fake snow, and yes……mistletoe!  I try not to act like a crazy person with all the decorations and those that know me crack up when they see me walking from the lot with yards of garlands, wreaths as big as hula hoops and Santa costumes!  I just can’t help myself.  The spirit of the season just overwhelms me and I want to get in the mood.  Sometimes I start so early everyone starts to laugh…”there goes Rebecca” is usually what they say.

Well don’t just stand there.  Pick up some lights and start stringing them up.  If you are going to hang out with me this season, just think of me as Mrs. Claus and you can be “Mrs. Claus’s little helpers”.  Well cmon into my little workshop and we can get in the spirit together.   Tis the season and I am in a very giving mood.  So come on over.  I might even take a trip to look at your North Pole.  Hop in my sleigh and let’s go!  CLICK HERE

One thought on “Darn! You Caught Me!

  1. If mrs. Claus looked like you, I’d definitely want to be on the naughty list:-). You look so hot in that little black dress and even better out of it!

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