Santa Needs Help! Rebecca to the Rescue!


I got the call from the North Pole and it appears Old St. Nick once again under-estimated and over-ate this holiday season.  He needed help and I was in the giving mood.  Who doesn’t want to be one of Santa’s little helpers?  The only problem with being a Santa’s helper is that you have to wear the silly uniform.  Those little elves have the worst gig.  The long hours, the terrible location and lastly the ghastly uniforms.  They don’t even get time off during the holidays working for that jolly old fellow!  I mean, even Frosty the Snowman gets to go outside and play in the show with the reindeer.  Well, like I said, who could say NO to Father Christmas!  Can you help me too?!

Like I said, tis the time to get out there and help others.  This means even if I have to put on this silly little uniform, then I will humiliate myself to make sure everyone out there gets a toy!  Now for your job, they are called Santa’s “Little” helpers.  That means the uniforms are a little tight.  Can you help me out?  Come on in and help me take this off!  CLICK HERE


One thought on “Santa Needs Help! Rebecca to the Rescue!

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