Sexy and oh so Sophisticated!


I am constantly asked about where I shop. I love shopping. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon which allowed me to go shopping at the mall. Much of what I wore were hand me downs or clothes knit by friends or relatives. I used to spend time cutting out pictures from magazines and catalogs and idolizing the silver screen beauties imagining that someday I would be the girl who got to wore the long white gloves, the stylish hats and the flowing gown that hid nothing except for my confidence. I remember my first day I got my bonus in New York, I went out to buy an Hermes scarf, sexy underwear from Victoria’s Secret and a suit from Ann Taylor. I had truly made it to the big city. Into the trash went the polyester suit my mother had given me. From that day forward, I knew it wasn’t the clothes that made the woman, but the woman that made the clothes look better. Want to figure out how to help the woman of your dreams look great for Valentine’s Day? Let me tell you how this works. I can be your personal shopper.

So you want to know my secret? Want to know where you might find me when I go shopping? Want to know where you might want to buy the bra for me in the right size? I do a lot of study of the retail industry so let me show you how to shop for me or the woman of your dreams without breaking the bank. Click here and go shopping with me. Let me be your sexy model.

Rebecca’s Super Bowl Prediction Update


I have been waiting months for this update.  It is true.  I received many outfits around Halloween from my fans, but this week’s ensemble courtesy of one of my members just had to wait until now.  I thought it only appropriate that I wear it during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.  I also thought I’d take the time to put together my prediction for this year’s Super Bowl.  Quite frankly, as I am writing this I have no idea who will be in the Super Bowl year, but I have a few ideas.  I am either going to look like a fool or a genius.  I know our first inclination when you see my attire is to boo, but come now, even referees need some lovin’.

Just a few quick shout outs:  To my friend who gave me this outfit.  Thank you so much and thanks for waiting.  To my friend in New Orleans, I’m sorry my Browns didn’t make it there.  And to my friend who will be throwing a party for the team I predicted to win this game, thanks for all the encouraging emails.

Are we ready?  Look, nobody liked the replacement referees at the beginning of the year, and when I got this outfit I was ready to get out there and be a replacement referee myself.  I mean at least I would have been better to look at.  So you want to know who I think will win the Super Bowl this year?  CLICK HERE to see this week’s update and my prediction for the game.


Spend a Day with Rebecca


Spend a Day with Me – You won’t regret it

People always ask what motivates me to do all that I do and give so much of myself as I do. I’ve always been a hard worker. Growing up with farm animals and not having any brothers in my family, us girls had to do lots of chores. That means getting up early, feeding animals, doing dishes, etc. Now that I am in the corporate world that same work ethic is still with me. In my profession I have to get up at 5am every day. I’m out the door straight to work out, shower and then in the office within 90 minutes. I carry two mobile phones and am always wired to work for you! I sat down last week when I was at a convention in Vegas and put this update together for you.

So you want to see how my average day goes about? I will tell you. If you follow me really close, you know that I am an average girl doing average things. Okay, maybe not so average, but you want to know how I spend my day? Come on in and I will tell you what my average day is like. CLICK HERE!

Madame Rebecca wants to hear from you.


I often get asked if I see members or how much it would cost to spend the night with me.  I get this question all the time.  At least two or three emails a day.  Madame? Escort? Prostitute? Lady of the Evening?  There are lots of names for the world’s oldest profession, but that is not for me.  Quite frankly I’d be a bad prostitute.  Besides, I doubt people would really want to pay to have sex with little ole me.  Or would you?

So let me get this straight?  People would pay me hundreds of dollars to have sex with me?  Well, maybe I should reconsider.  Let’s investigate this in further detail.  (The following is only a fictional scenario.  By no means did it really happen.  Or did it?)

So what does happen?  I’m curious to know what people actually pay a woman to have sex.  Why don’t you go take a shower, make sure you use some soap and when you come back we can get started.  Maybe you can help me figure out what I’m supposed to do to make you comfortable.  Are you ready?  Well, come on and CLICK HERE. Let’s see where this goes.

My first post of 2013 – Resolutions

Welcome to the new year.  Not sure how to get started this year? Do you have any new resolutions or ones that you have already broken or want to accomplish in 2013?  I am really excited about this year both in my professional life and here on Dreamnet and RebeccasOffice.  Lose weight, learn a new talent, or  improve yourself?  I love to make promises to myself and come through in the end with the glow of satisfaction.  Who knows what new sexual positions I might learn or what sexual talents I might add to my repertoire.  Want to know?  Maybe I’ll tell you.
Some people like to make resolutions!  I like to break em!  Share with me your resolutions. Do you want to add any resolutions to my list?  Shall I break them for you or shall we break them together?  You might have to come inside and show me your list.  CLICK HERE to see all my resolutions.