My first post of 2013 – Resolutions

Welcome to the new year.  Not sure how to get started this year? Do you have any new resolutions or ones that you have already broken or want to accomplish in 2013?  I am really excited about this year both in my professional life and here on Dreamnet and RebeccasOffice.  Lose weight, learn a new talent, or  improve yourself?  I love to make promises to myself and come through in the end with the glow of satisfaction.  Who knows what new sexual positions I might learn or what sexual talents I might add to my repertoire.  Want to know?  Maybe I’ll tell you.
Some people like to make resolutions!  I like to break em!  Share with me your resolutions. Do you want to add any resolutions to my list?  Shall I break them for you or shall we break them together?  You might have to come inside and show me your list.  CLICK HERE to see all my resolutions.

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