Spend a Day with Rebecca


Spend a Day with Me – You won’t regret it

People always ask what motivates me to do all that I do and give so much of myself as I do. I’ve always been a hard worker. Growing up with farm animals and not having any brothers in my family, us girls had to do lots of chores. That means getting up early, feeding animals, doing dishes, etc. Now that I am in the corporate world that same work ethic is still with me. In my profession I have to get up at 5am every day. I’m out the door straight to work out, shower and then in the office within 90 minutes. I carry two mobile phones and am always wired to work for you! I sat down last week when I was at a convention in Vegas and put this update together for you.

So you want to see how my average day goes about? I will tell you. If you follow me really close, you know that I am an average girl doing average things. Okay, maybe not so average, but you want to know how I spend my day? Come on in and I will tell you what my average day is like. CLICK HERE!

One thought on “Spend a Day with Rebecca

  1. I would like to spend a day with you shopping together.I would like to admire you while you shop and after an all day long shopping spree I would like to kiss and lick your feet ,smell your pantyhose and kiss them over and over and over …………………that day will be like a dream that I never want to wake up………

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