Rebecca’s Super Bowl Prediction Update


I have been waiting months for this update.  It is true.  I received many outfits around Halloween from my fans, but this week’s ensemble courtesy of one of my members just had to wait until now.  I thought it only appropriate that I wear it during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.  I also thought I’d take the time to put together my prediction for this year’s Super Bowl.  Quite frankly, as I am writing this I have no idea who will be in the Super Bowl year, but I have a few ideas.  I am either going to look like a fool or a genius.  I know our first inclination when you see my attire is to boo, but come now, even referees need some lovin’.

Just a few quick shout outs:  To my friend who gave me this outfit.  Thank you so much and thanks for waiting.  To my friend in New Orleans, I’m sorry my Browns didn’t make it there.  And to my friend who will be throwing a party for the team I predicted to win this game, thanks for all the encouraging emails.

Are we ready?  Look, nobody liked the replacement referees at the beginning of the year, and when I got this outfit I was ready to get out there and be a replacement referee myself.  I mean at least I would have been better to look at.  So you want to know who I think will win the Super Bowl this year?  CLICK HERE to see this week’s update and my prediction for the game.


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