Sexy and oh so Sophisticated!


I am constantly asked about where I shop. I love shopping. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon which allowed me to go shopping at the mall. Much of what I wore were hand me downs or clothes knit by friends or relatives. I used to spend time cutting out pictures from magazines and catalogs and idolizing the silver screen beauties imagining that someday I would be the girl who got to wore the long white gloves, the stylish hats and the flowing gown that hid nothing except for my confidence. I remember my first day I got my bonus in New York, I went out to buy an Hermes scarf, sexy underwear from Victoria’s Secret and a suit from Ann Taylor. I had truly made it to the big city. Into the trash went the polyester suit my mother had given me. From that day forward, I knew it wasn’t the clothes that made the woman, but the woman that made the clothes look better. Want to figure out how to help the woman of your dreams look great for Valentine’s Day? Let me tell you how this works. I can be your personal shopper.

So you want to know my secret? Want to know where you might find me when I go shopping? Want to know where you might want to buy the bra for me in the right size? I do a lot of study of the retail industry so let me show you how to shop for me or the woman of your dreams without breaking the bank. Click here and go shopping with me. Let me be your sexy model.

One thought on “Sexy and oh so Sophisticated!

  1. I just love to shop for you or admire you while you shop.I want so much to see you shopping you are so lovely when you shop a dream come true….

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