Reverse Cowgirl? One of My Favorite positions!


Yes, my husband is no longer allowed to come along with me when I go to a studio, or in this case, to meet a lover for a private rendez-vous.  Quite frankly I find it much more pleasurable to meet my lovers one-on-one.  It helps me to relax and for my lovers as well with nobody around but us.  I can really let go and not worry about anything. 

Many ask about what my husband thinks.  He loves seeing me get off with these men.  He thinks it is great to see how happy I am.  In fact he loves it when I go reverse cowgirl and he can see my reaction on my face as I shove my lovers deep inside me without any protection.  What goes through my mind when I am alone with these men?  You don’t want to know.  I am such a slut.  He knows it, and that is why he spanks my booty red.  I am such a bad girl.  Come on in and watch.  Maybe pull down your pants so I can sit on your pole too!

The Lonely Horny Road Warrior


These days I do travel quite a bit for short stays and it does get a little lonely being in a strange city all by myself.  I increasingly find myself spending time exchanging emails with many of my members and getting to know all of you as best as I can.  It is really no fun traveling alone and I want to thank you all for keeping me company on those lonely nights.  I have no shortage of emails staring at me when I’m sitting there alone with my thoughts.   Some of the emails just get me so horny.  I have a hard time falling asleep in a strange environment and often find myself fantasizing about having a lover in every city who can have a glass of wine with me and gently put me to sleep.

Might you be that gentleman who can help a lady get to sleep?  Maybe you can just meet me in the hotel lobby, buy me a drink, engage me in some intelligent conversation, get me a little tipsy and then help me back to my room.  I am such a pushover when I’ve had a few.  Why don’t you come on in and hear about how you can help me.  Only serious inquiries need to apply!

Will You Be Rebecca’s Valentine

So will you be my Valentine?  Do you want to be my Valentine?  This year I am all yours.  Valentine’s Day for me is all about giving, not getting.  I don’t need flowers, chocolates or fancy baubles.  What I want to hear is your moaning, your groaning and that big smile on your face.  I think I know what you need.  Why don’t you sit back, pull down your pants and close your eyes?


Just spread your legs and let me kneel down and pamper your cock. Let me stroke it.  Let me suck it.  Let me lick it.  I want to stuff your balls in my mouth and make you big and hard.  I want to feel your cock swell up in my mouth.  I can feel the fluids building up in your cock.  You want to cum don’t you.  Give it to me.  I will be your Valentine.  That will be your present to me.  Look me in the eyes and just give your Valentine her gift.  Mmmm.

Come in and give me your Valentine!

Rebecca Knows the Barter System (video update)

Pay Barter
Look, we know that times are tough. Unemployment is high. Inflation is hurting everyone. Taxes are increasing. Rebecca has many of her real world clients who are stressed and they rely on her to make them more money in times like these. That said, her advisory services don’t come cheap. Many of her clients can’t always pay her right away so sometimes she has got to go with the old barter system. You know…tit for tat? Or should we say, tit for cock?

Watch closely as Rebecca quickly disappears under the massive body of her retired athlete client. Rebecca’s clients love her because she makes them all feel special. Come in and see why her clients pay a premium. No IOUs allowed.