Will You Be Rebecca’s Valentine

So will you be my Valentine?  Do you want to be my Valentine?  This year I am all yours.  Valentine’s Day for me is all about giving, not getting.  I don’t need flowers, chocolates or fancy baubles.  What I want to hear is your moaning, your groaning and that big smile on your face.  I think I know what you need.  Why don’t you sit back, pull down your pants and close your eyes?


Just spread your legs and let me kneel down and pamper your cock. Let me stroke it.  Let me suck it.  Let me lick it.  I want to stuff your balls in my mouth and make you big and hard.  I want to feel your cock swell up in my mouth.  I can feel the fluids building up in your cock.  You want to cum don’t you.  Give it to me.  I will be your Valentine.  That will be your present to me.  Look me in the eyes and just give your Valentine her gift.  Mmmm.

Come in and give me your Valentine!

One thought on “Will You Be Rebecca’s Valentine

  1. As long as I can return the favor. Pull up ur skirt and pull down ur thong and put that wet pussy on my face so I can taste you

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