You want a piece of this? Come and Get it


Spring is here, well maybe not by the calendar, but definitely in my mind. Time to clear away the cob webs and let things bloom. Spring always means new opportunities and new friends. Whether you are an old friend or a new one, I want you to know about my theory of being. Life offers many different roads to find parts of yourself. With me I hope you will experience freedom while leaving behind the complex attachments of a more traditional girlfriend. Every year I like to reinvent myself again. Almost like a virgin! I think it is time you learn a bit more about me.

New or old to my club, my members will attest, that each week you spend with me, you will be spending time with a sophisticated woman possessing a genuinely charismatic style and adorable smile. My friendly attitude will quickly make you feel at ease. I am not your typical “business snob”, which you may find refreshingly delightful. I am relaxed, open minded, carefree, and vivacious. Come in and let me be your muse, your mistress extraordinaire sans drama, a few hours of bliss away from it all. No strings, no commitment – simply fun.

2 thoughts on “You want a piece of this? Come and Get it

  1. Rebecca, You have the most BEAUTIFUL, HOTTEST and SEXIEST BODY I have ever seen!!!! I would LOVE to have a piece of you!!!! I really LOVE your VERY BEAUTIFUL, HOT and SEXY ASS of yours!!! You are the BEST!!!!!

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