Rebecca Hearts New York


I love it when people send me things to wear. One of my members sent me this tank top and I am so proud to wear it. Representing one of the most vibrant cities in the world and having once lived there, New York embodies a lot of what I am about. Much of who I am today goes back to wanting to live there when I grew up and then once I lived there, I fell in love with Manhattan and the lifestyle. Okay well there is maybe one thing I don’t like about New York. Do you know what it is? You are going to have to read through this pictorial to figure that out. If there is one thing you do know about NYC, it is so great they named it twice, New York, NY. I hope to do the shirt justice this week!

Other than Vegas, New York is the sexiest city in the US. There is nothing that gets me so hot and wet than thinking about this great city and all that it has to offer. So are you thinking about visiting this great city? Let me tell you a little bit about my relationship with this city. Maybe you can take your own tour of this fabulous city by following this pictorial and visiting the “Rebecca Tour”. Click here to come inside and let me tell you about some of my favorite places and memories from New York.