What Date Night with Rebecca Looks Like


So imagine coming home from work and finding your wife all decked out in something sexy.  I know what you’re thinking, “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”.  Well there is.  Even in Rebecca’s home, her husband knows that something is not right.  Well, when her husband arrives home and see this scene, he knows that it is not for him,  It means that Rebecca is going out on a hot date with one of her lovers.  Her husband gets to watch her prepare and primp herself for a night out on the town in the arms of another man   Many men would be jealous or furious, but for Rebecca’s husband, Date Night is a turn on.

Do do you think you could stand it if you came home to your wife and see was getting dressed sexily for another man?  Rebecca’s husband gets turned on thinking about how his gorgeous wife is going to go out there and please another man.  He is so proud of her and knows she will do a good job.  It is her chance to let her hair down and be a real sexy woman outside of work and home.  Watch Rebecca as she prepares for her date.  CLICK HERE if you think you could handle watching Rebecca prepare to leave you home alone.

Stay Strong Friday #BostonStrong

Not sure if you are following this Boston Explosion story.  So sad.  It has really been a tough week beginning with the bombing at the Boston Marathon, hearing about the deaths especially to an 8 year old boy, and now the breaking story and manhunt for the second brother involved in the bombing.   The big question of WHY?  How do people who somehow feel left out feel like they need to react this way?

One thing is for sure.  I am so proud of the way people have responded whether at the scene, in the Boston Garden, or across the country.  It is sad that events like this one, Newtown, and 9/11 happen, but so good to know that everyone still puts differences aside and bond.

I just thought I needed to sound in on this matter.  While I continue with my little hobby on the internet, my true feelings about this horrible incident should let you know that I am a real person with real feelings about these world events.

Stay strong everyone.  Have a great weekend.


Is Rebecca Wearing Underwear?


After reading last week’s update you are probably thinking that this woman must really be into black lover love-making. Well the truth is that I really am and I get mesmerized by my lovers. I just cannot control myself. I do whatever my lover wants as I want to show him how happy and how I’m appreciative of the fact that he let’s me share his bed with him. I know that sometimes he is a little worried if I really belong to him or someone else. So that is why I never defy him. I want to show him that his needs take priority over everyone else. Well as you saw last week, he wrote on me. Well he also made another request. He hates my wearing underweat and requested that whenever I visit him that I shouldn’t be wearing any.

So on my last visit I made sure to get dressed as he desired. Short skirt and crop top. It was so hot outside so I didn’t mind wearing something a little more risqué. Of course I didn’t plan on being so nervous that I blew through a stop sign and got pulled over by a cop. Fortunately he didn’t frisk me.

He did look at me funny though.  Well when I got to my lover’s home, he immediately had me step inside and gave me a once over.  I love it when my lover looks at me like a piece of meat.  CLICK HERE to see if I was in compliance with his wishes.

Message from Rebecca’s Lover



Usually Rebecca meets with her lover and comes home exhausted from a night of all-night love making.  On this particular occasion she told her husband that her lover had a special message for him.  After a long night of breeding and love-making, her lover had a special feeling and wanted to let his feelings known.  You see, his feelings have grown for her and although he knows that Rebecca is a married woman, he wants her all to himself.

Rebecca’s husband knew what was coming he thought, but he was not prepared for the message that Rebecca brought home this time.

Rebecca always comes home and tells her husband about the incredible night of love making that she had with her lovers.  For her husband, it is quite a turn on to hear about the great dates and how much fun that she had whether it was just a night on the town or simply a night in bed with bodies entwined.  Seeing his wife satisfied, Al can always tell when Rebecca has fallen deeper for her lover.  This night was different though and her husband was not quite ready for what was to come.  Come inside to see the secret message Rebecca’s lover gave for Rebecca to pass to her husband.

Rebecca is Bejewelled


Do you believe in ghosts or the afterlife?  So I recently got my inheritance from my aunt who passed without having any children or a living spouse.  She was such a great lady and in addition to monetary gifts, I received some antique cabinetry and found a present in one of the drawers with my name on it.  When I opened it I found a little surprise.  I could not believe it.  Do you think she knew about my site?  I had to laugh as she was my favorite and always told me how to seduce the boys.  “You got to be sexy.  Show them a little, but not too much”.  It was always so embarrassing, but I wondered if I could tell anyone about Dreamnet if she would have been the one I could tell.   Maybe she knew and that is why she gave me this gift.

What did she give me?  Well you will have to come in to take a look.  I can’t let everyone check it out.  It is such a personal and private gift, but I am happy to share it with all of you in my private membership area.  I’d like to know what you think.  I think someone is looking over me and she took my secret with her to the afterlife.  Come in and take a look and hear the message she left with the gift. CLICK HERE