Message from Rebecca’s Lover



Usually Rebecca meets with her lover and comes home exhausted from a night of all-night love making.  On this particular occasion she told her husband that her lover had a special message for him.  After a long night of breeding and love-making, her lover had a special feeling and wanted to let his feelings known.  You see, his feelings have grown for her and although he knows that Rebecca is a married woman, he wants her all to himself.

Rebecca’s husband knew what was coming he thought, but he was not prepared for the message that Rebecca brought home this time.

Rebecca always comes home and tells her husband about the incredible night of love making that she had with her lovers.  For her husband, it is quite a turn on to hear about the great dates and how much fun that she had whether it was just a night on the town or simply a night in bed with bodies entwined.  Seeing his wife satisfied, Al can always tell when Rebecca has fallen deeper for her lover.  This night was different though and her husband was not quite ready for what was to come.  Come inside to see the secret message Rebecca’s lover gave for Rebecca to pass to her husband.

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