Is Rebecca Wearing Underwear?


After reading last week’s update you are probably thinking that this woman must really be into black lover love-making. Well the truth is that I really am and I get mesmerized by my lovers. I just cannot control myself. I do whatever my lover wants as I want to show him how happy and how I’m appreciative of the fact that he let’s me share his bed with him. I know that sometimes he is a little worried if I really belong to him or someone else. So that is why I never defy him. I want to show him that his needs take priority over everyone else. Well as you saw last week, he wrote on me. Well he also made another request. He hates my wearing underweat and requested that whenever I visit him that I shouldn’t be wearing any.

So on my last visit I made sure to get dressed as he desired. Short skirt and crop top. It was so hot outside so I didn’t mind wearing something a little more risqué. Of course I didn’t plan on being so nervous that I blew through a stop sign and got pulled over by a cop. Fortunately he didn’t frisk me.

He did look at me funny though.  Well when I got to my lover’s home, he immediately had me step inside and gave me a once over.  I love it when my lover looks at me like a piece of meat.  CLICK HERE to see if I was in compliance with his wishes.