What Date Night with Rebecca Looks Like


So imagine coming home from work and finding your wife all decked out in something sexy.  I know what you’re thinking, “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”.  Well there is.  Even in Rebecca’s home, her husband knows that something is not right.  Well, when her husband arrives home and see this scene, he knows that it is not for him,  It means that Rebecca is going out on a hot date with one of her lovers.  Her husband gets to watch her prepare and primp herself for a night out on the town in the arms of another man   Many men would be jealous or furious, but for Rebecca’s husband, Date Night is a turn on.

Do do you think you could stand it if you came home to your wife and see was getting dressed sexily for another man?  Rebecca’s husband gets turned on thinking about how his gorgeous wife is going to go out there and please another man.  He is so proud of her and knows she will do a good job.  It is her chance to let her hair down and be a real sexy woman outside of work and home.  Watch Rebecca as she prepares for her date.  CLICK HERE if you think you could handle watching Rebecca prepare to leave you home alone.