Rebecca is ALL BUSINESS in the front…….


My boyfriend bought me a me a new dress. Have you seen the new style this summer? It seems like the new style this year is the asymmetrical skirt. High on one side and lower on the other. He says this dress makes me look sophisticated and business-like. What do you all think? My husband seems to think that the dress is too see-through and that I should return it. I personally think he’s jealous that my lover has good taste and that I like his gift better than my own husband’s. Do you like the dress?

The problem with this dress it that I can’t wear underwear with this dress. Okay, well maybe that isn’t that much of a problem for some of you. In fact if you want to check a little closer to see if I am wearing underwear under this dress, I think you need to come inside, lift up my skirt and see what pleasures await! What will you see? CLICK AND SEE!

Rebecca’s Amateur Update on Video


A soon to be classic Rebecca video.  This raw footage without music, a cameraman or bright lights captures our Rebecca in the rawest of amateur moments.  Our favorite MILF in a completely helpless state overcome with raw sexual energy that she just can’t control her desires.

Rebecca’s husband says that he used to give advice to her young lovers on how to get her to relax.  They would tell him that she would be too resistant.  He told them that it was okay to be a little more forceful, but also they could get her a little tipsy or just take advantage of her in a sleepy state to loosen her up.  So when one of her guys told him he really wanted to work on her ass, he said she would complain it hurt too much.   Rebecca’s husband gave him some advice and it worked like a charm.  There was no forcing and her lover took a dark little video to share with her husband (and now you).

 You won’t see Rebecca resist here under the control of her young lover over 20 years her junior.  This video is dark because he was told her to get her tipsy and in the middle of the night, to wake her up half asleep and lube her ass really good and just ease it in.  Not only does Rebecca take it in the ass, whimpering like a little lamb, she then hops on top and takes an anal reverse cowgirl that only a skilled pole dancer could handle.  Come in, turn up the sound, and listen to Rebecca cry for joy until she is left lying on the bed paralyzed from her ordeal.  We’re sure Rebecca woke up in the morning with a sore bum wondering how in the hell she fell to her lover’s spell. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS SEDUCTION


Rebecca Is Indecently Proposed

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Okay, I really need all your help this week. I want you put on your virtual husband cap this week. Pretend you are Rebecca’s naughty husband who let’s his wife sleep around with her lovers. One of the interesting things that has evolved in my relationships with my lovers is their possessiveness. They are increasingly becoming more and more demanding of my time that I am spending less and less time at home in my own bed. Well this past Saturday I got a call late at night with a booty call. Of course I could not say no. I told him I was just getting ready for bed and he told me to drop everything and ”Come as you are”.

The drive is about 20 minutes. I went for my coat and my husband reminded me to “Come as you are”. I was only in the sexy bra and panties my husband had given me for Mother’s Day. My husband pushed me out to the garage telling me that this would be my real Mother’s Day present. Well I had an incredible time and at the end I was given a big proposal. Now as my virtual husband I want to hear your opinion. Did I cross the line? Come inside and give me your thoughts.

Rebecca: She’s that 70’s Girl – Tres Chic!


Well you youngsters out there, some of you might not be old enough to take a look at this update. It might be a little too mature for you. LOL! So my beau wanted to go to an adult themed party for the 70s & 80s. All I could think was hippies, disco, wine coolers, and roller skates! He told me not to worry about costumes as he had matching costumes for us. I don’t know about you all, but the 80s were a bit of a cultural wasteland. I had no idea what he was going to bring over for me to war, but I knew it would just crack me up!

So when it comes to the 70s and 80s, what do you recall? Wild hair? Bad fashion? Any particular kind of music or movies? Well when my beau showed up dressed as “Black Elton John” I knew I was in trouble when he handed me a small bag. Come on in and check it out but I must warn you youngsters. When the disco ball comes out, you might not be able to stop shaking that booty!

Rebecca Wears it Ripped & Black

Ms. New Booty

Ms. New Booty

Well I recently went to Vegas with a date and while there he decided that he wanted to buy me a sexy dress to wear at the clubs.  How flattering.  Every girl loves it when she’s taken to the fancy dress shops in Vegas at the huge hotels.  It was his birthday and I was flattered that a young stud would pick a married woman with him to Vegas.  I was his birthday present and he spoiled me.  Of course I knew that he was just buttering me up for a night of passion.  Oh boy did he know what he was doing. 

When he told me that he wanted to go shopping for some “statement” clothes for us to wear to the nightclub, I had no idea what he meant.  He bought a really cool pair of black trousers and a gorgeous silk black shirt.  Then we went to this really expensive sexy dress shop and he told me to go in the dressing room and he threw a couple dresses over the door into the dressing room.  When I came out to model for it, he just gave the saleswoman his credit card.  CLICK HERE and let me model this dress for you.