Rebecca Wears it Ripped & Black

Ms. New Booty

Ms. New Booty

Well I recently went to Vegas with a date and while there he decided that he wanted to buy me a sexy dress to wear at the clubs.  How flattering.  Every girl loves it when she’s taken to the fancy dress shops in Vegas at the huge hotels.  It was his birthday and I was flattered that a young stud would pick a married woman with him to Vegas.  I was his birthday present and he spoiled me.  Of course I knew that he was just buttering me up for a night of passion.  Oh boy did he know what he was doing. 

When he told me that he wanted to go shopping for some “statement” clothes for us to wear to the nightclub, I had no idea what he meant.  He bought a really cool pair of black trousers and a gorgeous silk black shirt.  Then we went to this really expensive sexy dress shop and he told me to go in the dressing room and he threw a couple dresses over the door into the dressing room.  When I came out to model for it, he just gave the saleswoman his credit card.  CLICK HERE and let me model this dress for you. 

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