Rebecca Is Indecently Proposed

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Okay, I really need all your help this week. I want you put on your virtual husband cap this week. Pretend you are Rebecca’s naughty husband who let’s his wife sleep around with her lovers. One of the interesting things that has evolved in my relationships with my lovers is their possessiveness. They are increasingly becoming more and more demanding of my time that I am spending less and less time at home in my own bed. Well this past Saturday I got a call late at night with a booty call. Of course I could not say no. I told him I was just getting ready for bed and he told me to drop everything and ”Come as you are”.

The drive is about 20 minutes. I went for my coat and my husband reminded me to “Come as you are”. I was only in the sexy bra and panties my husband had given me for Mother’s Day. My husband pushed me out to the garage telling me that this would be my real Mother’s Day present. Well I had an incredible time and at the end I was given a big proposal. Now as my virtual husband I want to hear your opinion. Did I cross the line? Come inside and give me your thoughts.

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  1. One day….Rebecca. day I hope…you told me hi on Facebook years ago but I hope to meet u one day…

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