Rebecca is ALL BUSINESS in the front…….


My boyfriend bought me a me a new dress. Have you seen the new style this summer? It seems like the new style this year is the asymmetrical skirt. High on one side and lower on the other. He says this dress makes me look sophisticated and business-like. What do you all think? My husband seems to think that the dress is too see-through and that I should return it. I personally think he’s jealous that my lover has good taste and that I like his gift better than my own husband’s. Do you like the dress?

The problem with this dress it that I can’t wear underwear with this dress. Okay, well maybe that isn’t that much of a problem for some of you. In fact if you want to check a little closer to see if I am wearing underwear under this dress, I think you need to come inside, lift up my skirt and see what pleasures await! What will you see? CLICK AND SEE!