Video Update – The Lost File of Mann


So my husband has been begging for me to screw Richard Mann again. Richard was my first real porn star all I can say was his cock was huge. It has been so long and my husband has been begging to see me again with his cock buried inside me. All I can remember is that I could hardly walk for days afterwards and that I was so sore from his ginormous rod banging against my uterus.

I have to admit that being my first time with a professional, I was so nervous which is why I probably did not even remember the moments and probably should have tried to enjoy the moment. SO those of you wondering what it would be like to see your wife with a professional cock should watch this video.

Well, my husband was busy going through his video tapes and converting them to digital format when he came across this footage. He thought he had lost it and accidentally taped over it, but he found it and now you get to see! Check out the final 10 minutes of my first encounter with a foot long cock. Who knows, I might just have to sit on that cock again. CLICK HERE TO SEE

Caught Making Video for My Lover

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You already know that Rebecca is a passionate woman who has fallen for her lovers. She has abandoned her love for husband and has dedicated her body and sexiness to her Dreamnet members and her lovers. We can only imagine what an incredible partner she must be. This latest update show us how great she is. Can you image your wife, lover, girlfriend, etc. doing this for you. The other day, Rebecca’s husband heard some music and found his wife gyrating and stripping to some music. Turns out she was making a little video for her lover that she hadn’t seen in a while.

Well we don’t know about you, but this is so hot to us! Rebecca’s husband fortunately decided to capture this little event on camera. He promised her that he would not release the video to anyone until she shared it with her partner. Does your partner give you nude photos or videos? Rebecca’s lovers are so lucky, don’t you think? CLICK AND SEE!

Rebecca Uses Multimedia and Multi-Tools


If you must know, I just love my life as a Sexy Hot Wife. I could never have guessed that I would enjoy sex this much. Now I just can’t stop. My body craves being filled with huge cock and I find myself staring at the crotch of every gorgeous guy I meet. I fantasize about fucking all the time. In fact, even after a night of crazy sex all night long I find myself going home, closing my eyes and playing with myself as I recall the events of the previous evening. Sometimes I just go on binges where I spend every night of the week at my lover’s house. Yet I still want more!

I started to have photos of me playing with my toys as I showed my husband what a bad girl I had been the night before. After a few minutes he couldn’t help himself but to take a video of me making love to my toys. Masturbation is not something I ever did. In fact I’ve played with myself more this year than I did the first 40 years of my life. Sometimes you just have to scratch your own itch. Do you know what I mean?? CLICK HERE AND SEE ALL THE PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Rebecca’s New Bikini 2013 – Coming this Summer to a Beach or Pool near you



Summer is almost here and those of you who have been with me know that it is that time of year to break out the new bikini that you will be spotting me wearing at the beach and pool parties. As you can imagine, some of the bikinis I’ve worn over the year are pretty risqué. I can’t wear them everywhere. I really am a normal person so I don’t want to call too much attention to myself. So I was lucky that one of my members, Steve, bought me the Perfect Bikini. So sexy I can wear to a pool in Vegas, but I could also wear it at Disneyworld, by the pool. Yes I’m a Fashion Whore.

What is the hot bikini style this year? Well I want your opinion. I heard that halters and boy shorts are in so I was lucky that I think this bikini was safe yet sexy enough that I could turn a few heads. I also thought that with it being a black bikini that it would look just sophisticated enough and I could wear it with earrings and heels. Come in and let me model it for you. I want to hear what you think. Would I turn your head?