Video Update – The Lost File of Mann


So my husband has been begging for me to screw Richard Mann again. Richard was my first real porn star all I can say was his cock was huge. It has been so long and my husband has been begging to see me again with his cock buried inside me. All I can remember is that I could hardly walk for days afterwards and that I was so sore from his ginormous rod banging against my uterus.

I have to admit that being my first time with a professional, I was so nervous which is why I probably did not even remember the moments and probably should have tried to enjoy the moment. SO those of you wondering what it would be like to see your wife with a professional cock should watch this video.

Well, my husband was busy going through his video tapes and converting them to digital format when he came across this footage. He thought he had lost it and accidentally taped over it, but he found it and now you get to see! Check out the final 10 minutes of my first encounter with a foot long cock. Who knows, I might just have to sit on that cock again. CLICK HERE TO SEE