My End of Summer Fling


I can’t believe my summer is almost over. As many of you know I took the whole summer off on sabbatical from my 9 to 5 job (actually it is 7 to 2) to pursue philanthropic goals in my life. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t keep up my Dreamnet duties and have fun. Oh I sure got more than my fill of cock with the extra time on my hands. I’m sure going to miss that daily freedom of having sex whenever and wherever I wanted when I go back to work next week. It definitely was the summer of love for me. So I made sure with these last few days left that I got my fill…er…or is the phrase…”I got filled?”

There is nothing like waiting for everyone to leave the house, slipping into something sexy, picking up the phone, and dialing for cock! Then you just wait and see what comes through the door. Yep. I just unlock the door, hop on the bed and wait for my wonderful end of summer gift to myself! CLICK HERE & END SUMMER WITH ME!


Breeding Rebecca – The Video

Rebecca crying as she takes it in the ass

This is Rebecca’s husband.  I am often asked about how Rebecca got into the things she does and why.  No, I’m no a typical cuckold.  I just love her and want her to have the better things in life.  She grew up in the blue collar life on a farm, but when I met her, I noticed that she did have a taste for culture and the finer things.  When we met, I promised her that I’d do whatever I could to expand her horizons and to give her things that she would and could enjoy.  I was lukcy to have found this diamond in the rough.  When I met her, she was literally wearing overalls.  It was hilarious.

When my wife started with on Dreamnet almost 10 years ago, I told them to be patient as she was a very conservative tomboy and it had taken several years to convince her to even get her to show her breasts to other men online.  Since then she has gotten her to open up and try new things.  One of the craziest is her famous foray into interracial sex.  For me, the most amazing thing about watching Rebecca is to know that she always tells me that she is going to practice safe sex, but within 5 minutes she has lost control and is begging for the guy to take her harder and to remove the condom. That’s how I know that she is enjoying herself.  He told her that sometimes her lovers have to put their hand over her mouth because she screams so loud!  The funny thing is that she will always tell me afterward that she was sorry that she went bareback.  I have to laugh and tell her that I’m not mad.  That’s okay though.  She wants to be dangerous, so as long as I warn her, she will do just the opposite. 

I have to warn you to turn the sound down before watching this video as she and her lover engage in some pretty intense 69 and anal sex.  There is no doubt that there is no acting in this video.  It is as raw as you can get.  Hearing my wife scream makes me squirm in sometimes as they ease their enormous cocks into her ass.  It makes me think I’m terrible for letting these men creampie my wife’s ass and pussy, but after wards watching her kiss and cuddle with her lovers, I know that I’ve been a great husband in letting her enjoy herself.

Please enjoy this wonderful BREEDING VIDEO by clicking here.

Al (Rebecca’s husband)

Rebecca’s 100th Member Video Post – Interracial Dream


First of all, guess what, this is my 100th video on the site!  Another milestone.  Of course I already have some of my top videos posted on Dreamnet’s video site:  One of my top videos there is the Chairman.  Recently my hubby was digitizing my videos and found one that I never gave him.  Uh-oh! LOL!  He thought that the night I did the Chairman that I just went back to my hotel room that evening, but after having such great BBC that evening, I needed to take him back to my hotel room before the show the next evening.  Who needed rest?  I just had black and was never going back.  Besides, the Boss just fit me like a glove.  As always, I need to order extra towels as he just makes me squirt like a hydrant. Well, now the secret is out.  My husband found this wonderful sequel to the Chairman video

So now you know how the night/morning ended. Come on OVER & WATCH THE SEQUEL HERE


Where Shall We Go on Our Date?


Yep, that was the question my lover recently asked me.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous.  It was a reunion and he wanted me to meet people he hadn’t seen in 20 years.  Like every woman, my first thought was, “What should I wear?”  Then he told me that he wanted me to be sexy yet sophisticated.  I instantly got the idea.  He wanted to show all his ex-girlfriends that they should be jealous.  Secondly, he wanted to show all his married buddies that not only was he successful in business, but that he was still living a hot life with a hot girl.  Wow, I had to live up to that idea?  Meeting his parents might have been easier.

 Going out with my lovers is really special.  There is more than just spending time alone together.  Dates are great when you can go out in public to a bar, dinner at a nice restaurant, attend an Angels or Lakers game, a concert, or even a movie where we can hold hands in the dark.  It really adds to the chemistry of every relationship.  Obviously the more personal the encounter, the more intimate the relationship!  CLICK HERE & TELL ME WHERE YOU’D TAKE ME!

10 years: Confession of How I became a naughty MILF.


Life sure is good.  After I passed my 10 year mark on I had both fear and pleasure in my mind.  10 years is a long time to be naked on the web.  Not only have I been naked, but I’ve done a million things I never imagined.  I’ve grown quite a bit and learned a lot about myself and my life.  It is so crazy.

When I started at Dreamnet 10 years ago, it was a bit of a lark.  I’d just had my 3rd child and I was going crazy.  I think it was a bit of a post-partum depression.  I didn’t like myself and my husband saw that.  He told me that I was still beautiful.  Such a great husband, but he always has said the right things and loved me unconditionally.  When he told me that I told him he was a liar.  This got his motor running and he told me that he’d take a few photos and show them off.  He put my non-nude photos in a chat room and guys said they wanted to see me naked, so he snuck a few photos and found he liked sharing me.  He shared the comments but hadn’t told me they had seen naked photos.

I still wasn’t quite sure and that was when he confessed he was looking at normal women like me who were naked and sexy on the web and that I needed to be more like Dawn Marie, Fait, Tracey, and Lindsay, some girls on Dreamnet he had been admiring.  He told me I could be just as desireable as them.  Well soon I’m talking to Tracey and taking photos for my husband.  I wanted a place where my photos needed to be paid for and that some 10 year old wouldn’t be looking at them and Dreamnet fit the bill.

Well next thing you know I’m naked on the web and the reaction was more than I could have imagined.  I told my husband that if I was not averaging 10 subscriptions a day that it wasn’t going to be worth my time.  Quite frankly I was going to quit after 2-3 months, but I couldn’t quit.  I really enjoyed all the compliments and the depression was gone.

Next thing you know, some men I’d been talking to suggested I start trying more than just photos.  One of the fantasies was me with black men.  It got me so worked up as I had dated black men in the past.  Before you know it, my husband planned a birthday party and surprised me with a guy I knew and I was hooked.  I took to sleeping with gorgeous black men like a fish to water.  I haven’t stopped since.

It has been amazing that what started as simply being an exhibitionist fishing for comments has turned me into a naughty MILF that sleeps with other men, takes anal, dresses sexy, does gang bangs, does gonzo, etc.  I am so addicted that I can’t help it when I see a gorgeous  black man.  I want him.  I want him to tie me up, pull my hair, spit on my pussy, shove my skirt down and stick it in any one of my holes.  Just thinking about it makes me drip.  It really is unbelievable how insatiable I’ve become.  I want sex ALL the time

I have been lucky to be given this opportunity.   I know I probably won’t do this another ten years on the web, but I definitely will be doing what I do as long as I can and still enjoy it.  My husband and I agree that this has led to such a hot and sexy marriage.  If everyone only knew the secret.  Our friends tell us that we have such a great relationship and wonder how we do it.  We just tell them we have a great bond and trust between us that allows us to communicate at a higher level than most people.

So thank you to all my fans.  You are so special and I have to thank you for all supporting my naughty habit.  As they say, happy wife equals happy life.


Did you “CATCH” my latest present from a fan?



Rebecca’s Gone Fishing? What are we talking about here? Yes, we all know that fishing is not my thing. About the only thing I do with fish is cook and eat it! I have to laugh because I have a few members who have told me that they’d like to take me fishing. I have one fan who has been talking about the art of fishing and how it represents the great metaphor of life. Now he sent me this dress with fishnet hose. I get it! I can take a hint. Well I might go fishing, but I don’t think I’ll be catching many fish. I actually have gone fishing….once. If you only knew what I caught!! You will laugh!

Am I a great catch? Are you? Do you fish? What would you fish for? Fish in a stream? A river? A lake? The ocean? Well let me tell you what. Come inside and let me tell you about how I’d use this dress to catch some pretty big slimey fish. I promise I won’t tell you about the ONE that got away. I will tell you about what I did catch once though. Ready? Let’s see you cast your rod out there and see what you catch. CLICK HERE & LET ME TELL YOU MY FISHING STORY!

Want to Join Me in my Den?


If you’re like my husband and love watching me turn my home into my personal sexual playground for me and my lovers, then you are going to enjoy watching me as I let my lover drop his load deep inside me.  As my husband watched, he said it was so amazing to see my lover make sounds come out of me in our own bed that he hadn’t heard in years.  My  husband loved watching this so much that he proposed that as long as I let him once a month watch and tape me letting black men fill my pussy with yards of rock hard cock and my womb with quarts of their sperm, that I can have my full personal sexual freedom to do as I please.  Do you think that is too much?  The thought of just going off and living with my lovers for days at a time as long as I come back and let him watch and tape us once a month is just too tempting.  I feel like his own personal porn star.  Well I guess that is what I have become for him.  Do you think I should take him up on the offer?  Obviously you all would benefit. CLICK HERE TO SEE, BUT WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!