Want to Join Me in my Den?


If you’re like my husband and love watching me turn my home into my personal sexual playground for me and my lovers, then you are going to enjoy watching me as I let my lover drop his load deep inside me.  As my husband watched, he said it was so amazing to see my lover make sounds come out of me in our own bed that he hadn’t heard in years.  My  husband loved watching this so much that he proposed that as long as I let him once a month watch and tape me letting black men fill my pussy with yards of rock hard cock and my womb with quarts of their sperm, that I can have my full personal sexual freedom to do as I please.  Do you think that is too much?  The thought of just going off and living with my lovers for days at a time as long as I come back and let him watch and tape us once a month is just too tempting.  I feel like his own personal porn star.  Well I guess that is what I have become for him.  Do you think I should take him up on the offer?  Obviously you all would benefit. CLICK HERE TO SEE, BUT WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!

One thought on “Want to Join Me in my Den?

  1. YES!!!!! You should VERY DEFINATELY take him up on it!!!! Maybe even rent a small apartment as a second residence to live in with your lovers for weeks at a time.

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