Did you “CATCH” my latest present from a fan?



Rebecca’s Gone Fishing? What are we talking about here? Yes, we all know that fishing is not my thing. About the only thing I do with fish is cook and eat it! I have to laugh because I have a few members who have told me that they’d like to take me fishing. I have one fan who has been talking about the art of fishing and how it represents the great metaphor of life. Now he sent me this dress with fishnet hose. I get it! I can take a hint. Well I might go fishing, but I don’t think I’ll be catching many fish. I actually have gone fishing….once. If you only knew what I caught!! You will laugh!

Am I a great catch? Are you? Do you fish? What would you fish for? Fish in a stream? A river? A lake? The ocean? Well let me tell you what. Come inside and let me tell you about how I’d use this dress to catch some pretty big slimey fish. I promise I won’t tell you about the ONE that got away. I will tell you about what I did catch once though. Ready? Let’s see you cast your rod out there and see what you catch. CLICK HERE & LET ME TELL YOU MY FISHING STORY!