Rebecca’s 100th Member Video Post – Interracial Dream


First of all, guess what, this is my 100th video on the site!  Another milestone.  Of course I already have some of my top videos posted on Dreamnet’s video site:  One of my top videos there is the Chairman.  Recently my hubby was digitizing my videos and found one that I never gave him.  Uh-oh! LOL!  He thought that the night I did the Chairman that I just went back to my hotel room that evening, but after having such great BBC that evening, I needed to take him back to my hotel room before the show the next evening.  Who needed rest?  I just had black and was never going back.  Besides, the Boss just fit me like a glove.  As always, I need to order extra towels as he just makes me squirt like a hydrant. Well, now the secret is out.  My husband found this wonderful sequel to the Chairman video

So now you know how the night/morning ended. Come on OVER & WATCH THE SEQUEL HERE