Seeing Double with Rebecca


Sorry about last week. I know I promised a Bonus video last week, but I got my wires crossed with Rob. Oh well. It happens about once every 10 years! That makes today a double video update!

Main Video – He Likes to Watch 2: The Exhibitionist
Yes, my husband is a bit of a voyeur, but deep down I have found that I am a bit of an exhibitionist. In the first video I was taken into the bedroom while my husband was locked outside of the hotel room and they wouldn’t let him in. I couldn’t be seen and my husband was left to imagine what they were doing to his dear wife. I knew it would turn my husband on if he only could know or hear what was going on. It was killing him to know that his educated and properly raised wife was in the next room pleasuring two strangers. My instincts took over. The chance to put all the stereotypes of the “office bitch” behind and to just enjoy myself to the fullest with two very hung men. As they took out the video camera I told them I wanted to make sure I got a copy of the video. I wanted to shock my husband and show off and let him see how much I was enjoying myself. It makes a girl feel so sexy when you watch me take it. I hope it turns you on to watch as well.

Bonus Video – Drunk Dancing
I promised this would be a new year and that you’d even see more of me and that is what I’m going to give you. After 10 years, you’ve gotten to know me pretty well, but now you get to see the good, the bad, and the embarrassing. I really am just like all of you. I’m no different. I’m not a porn star. You’ll never get glamorous lighting, poorly acted scenes, incredible special effects, professional go-go dancing, etc.

So as promised, here is one of our silly home videos. I recently was sharing a bottle of wine with my hubby. Oh and did I mention that drinking makes me horny? I just somehow become shy and sex-driven when I drink. Some get chatty or aggressive, but I get quiet and really sensuous. So when I got a text from my lover that he wanted me to come over, I threw on a baby doll and got ready to drive over, but my husband didn’t think I was ready to drive. He brewed me a batch of coffee and had me do sobering things like jumping jacks. He then had me dance sexy. As you can see in this video, I was fairly tipsy and very tired. Needless to say, after about 40 minutes of these shenanigans, he felt I was sober enough to drive over. I sure hope you enjoy this brief video, but more importantly an even deeper glimpse into my life.


I’m an equal opportunity employer. Send me your application…….

My 2nd Wedding Night


I don’t know about those of you who got married, but when I got married, we were young and very poor.  No huge wedding, no honeymoon in Italy, no limousine, etc.  In fact, my wedding night was in a Howard Johnson motel located next to a very busy and noisy.  Hardly romantic I know.  It definitely was not the wedding night that every girl dreams about.  I’ve always talked to my girlfriend about this so she decided to help me out.  When one of my members sent me this lingerie set, she said this would be the time to relive that night.  She told me her wedding night was no better and that hardly anyone has a good one.  So I thought I’d share or at least re-live my own and then tell you what I think it should be like.  Everyone has a second honeymoon.  How about a second wedding night.

As you can see, this pictorial was done in New York.  I would have loved to have gotten married in Manhattan and spent my wedding night in the Big Apple with all the lights.  The beautiful thing about New York is that everything is BIG.  SO  I hope you find this photoshoot fitting of the size of New York.  Come in and let me share you secrets of my wedding night.  I wonder how it compared to yours.  In fact, I wish we could all start a new trend.  Every couple should take a video of their consummation of their marriage and post in on YouTube.  What do you think?  If you agree…PLEASE CLICK HERE!

My Husband Likes to Watch

Many of you are so kind to ask about my hubby and if he is okay. He is more than fine. Some of you are worried that I deny him sex. The truth is that when I ask he often tells me he’d rather watch me have sex than to have sex with me. He’s a voyeur of the most extreme and loves to set me up with men and watch them make love to me. Sometimes it is a classy hotel and other times it might be a seedy hotel in the worst part of town where you rent by the hour. I get pretty nervous because usually I have no idea who will be behind the door and sometimes I have no idea that this is going to happen.

On this occasion, my husband took me out and we met with Billy who I had been with before. Billy had a friend he invited along and after several drinks and a few romantic dances, we went back to their hotel. While my husband was getting my bags out of the car, their other friend rushed us into the hotel room and locked the door. You can hear my husband knocking as he tried to get in, but they never let him in and only videotaped this encounter for him. My husband was so frustrated yet turned on. He was able to watch them strip me, but eventually they carried me to the bedroom where I was totally out of view.

Are you a voyeur? Like to watch your wife or girlfriend have sex with strangers? Then I hope you enjoy this clip. CLICK HERE!

My Public Flashing Roadtrip


I have to tell you something many of you don’t know.  I have the greatest girlfriends ever!  Despite being married with kids I have several single friends who just love me unconditionally and always watch out for my best interests.  During my recent sabbatical from work, they kidnapped me away for a girl’s road trip so that I could enjoy myself away from home.  They know me so well.  I’d never have done this for myself.  So away we went across the country for some fun.  One of my friends is also my part time photographer, so she thought we’d turn this into a bit of a Dreamnet trip for some photos.  She knew the best way to re-energize me.  The environment is what brings me out and being able to take some photos in one of my favorite places in the world is so liberating!  I’d like to dedicate this pictorial to the Human Spirit, American Spirit, and the fortitude of the Human Race.

There is nothing like feeling you are on top of the world without a care.  Being able to expose yourself out in the open with the sun against your bare skin really just puts you in the Empire State of Mind!  It makes you feel so powerful and throwing caution to the wind, there is nothing more satisfying than to add to an already incredible skyline.  You have a sense for where I am, but let’s see who can get the closest!!  Come inside.  I have a special contest announcement based upon this pictorial.