My Husband Likes to Watch

Many of you are so kind to ask about my hubby and if he is okay. He is more than fine. Some of you are worried that I deny him sex. The truth is that when I ask he often tells me he’d rather watch me have sex than to have sex with me. He’s a voyeur of the most extreme and loves to set me up with men and watch them make love to me. Sometimes it is a classy hotel and other times it might be a seedy hotel in the worst part of town where you rent by the hour. I get pretty nervous because usually I have no idea who will be behind the door and sometimes I have no idea that this is going to happen.

On this occasion, my husband took me out and we met with Billy who I had been with before. Billy had a friend he invited along and after several drinks and a few romantic dances, we went back to their hotel. While my husband was getting my bags out of the car, their other friend rushed us into the hotel room and locked the door. You can hear my husband knocking as he tried to get in, but they never let him in and only videotaped this encounter for him. My husband was so frustrated yet turned on. He was able to watch them strip me, but eventually they carried me to the bedroom where I was totally out of view.

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