My 2nd Wedding Night


I don’t know about those of you who got married, but when I got married, we were young and very poor.  No huge wedding, no honeymoon in Italy, no limousine, etc.  In fact, my wedding night was in a Howard Johnson motel located next to a very busy and noisy.  Hardly romantic I know.  It definitely was not the wedding night that every girl dreams about.  I’ve always talked to my girlfriend about this so she decided to help me out.  When one of my members sent me this lingerie set, she said this would be the time to relive that night.  She told me her wedding night was no better and that hardly anyone has a good one.  So I thought I’d share or at least re-live my own and then tell you what I think it should be like.  Everyone has a second honeymoon.  How about a second wedding night.

As you can see, this pictorial was done in New York.  I would have loved to have gotten married in Manhattan and spent my wedding night in the Big Apple with all the lights.  The beautiful thing about New York is that everything is BIG.  SO  I hope you find this photoshoot fitting of the size of New York.  Come in and let me share you secrets of my wedding night.  I wonder how it compared to yours.  In fact, I wish we could all start a new trend.  Every couple should take a video of their consummation of their marriage and post in on YouTube.  What do you think?  If you agree…PLEASE CLICK HERE!