Searching for the Great Pumpkin


My girlfriend and I thought that we’d head out on more of a documentary photo shoot, but got more than we bargained for. We started out with the thought of “Rebecca going shopping for a pumpkin” and headed out to the seaside pumpkin farm for a few photos around the pumpkin patch when the owner told us that we couldn’t take commercial photos around his patch. Well when we told him what we were doing, he still told us that he couldn’t take it around his patch, but that he had 40 other acres where we could roam and take any photos we wanted. So I will have to apologize that there are no pumpkins in this photo set, but I’m sure you’ll be entertained although this wasn’t the Halloween photo shoot that I was planning. I love getting naked in public!

Wow, you are going to see a great property behind the scenes. You’ll be glad to see trespassers like me in the future. Being a country girl at heart, I felt so comfortable just stripping down and get naked outdoors! A special thanks to Farmer Barry for letting us use his property as this incredible backdrop. It ended up being a beautiful day for a naked hike. CLICK HERE!

I’ve been a very bad girl, but that’s okay.

People ask me and my husband all the time about our relationship. Let me just say to all of you that we love each other and everything I do is what he wants. Does it cause some discomfort sometimes? Of course, but it is all good. There is no hiding it from my husband these days. When I came home at 3am in the morning the other day, he knew what I had been up to. To be honest, he’s lucky I even come home to keep up appearances. Sometimes I just stay out all night. There is no hiding it. What I need can’t be found in my house, so I need to go out and get it. At first it would be just weekends, but now it is like a bad scratch that I need to have itched. I go whenever I need it. Do I love my husband? Oh yes I do, but I can’t give him what he needs anymore either. It just wouldn’t be fair. When I came home on this eve, I caught my husband with his cock in his hand. I felt so bad…., but I couldn’t help him and he seemed disappointed. So I thought I’d dedicate this pictorial to him and all of you. I was bad, very bad….and I’m sorry. Well…just a little bit.

I’m not a bad girl and I’m sorry that I have to share this message to my husband with all of you, but this is an open marriage and Dreamnet has helped me to find my voice and my sexuality. There is no secret that I have become a bit of a slut for large cock since I came on here. It has been an amazing transformation for me, but please don’t hate me. My husband would like me to be even more naughty. I know, you must be wondering how much more naughty I can be. I know my husband still loves me and I love him too. I want you all to know this. So what happens when he’s sexually frustrated and I’m satisfied? This pictorial is a re-enactment of a little tete-a-tete we had the other night.…Want to dance with the Devil? CLICK HERE!

Will Rebecca Ever Come Back?


You know the phrase, “Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back”?  Well take a look at this video and you will see why this is the case.  After the first 2 lovers blew their loads into Rebecca’s womb in the first two parts, they brought her husband back into the room to watch them continue pounding her pussy.  Rebecca thought she was done for the evening.  After about 5 minutes you can hear them tell him to go home and pick her up in the morning.  The third partner puts Rebecca on her stomach and fills both her pussy and asshole until our lovely Dreamgirl is left sobbing.  We don’t know if she is sobbing because of her sore pussy and ass or if she is sobbing for being so ashamed that she is enjoying having these men defile her body.  Either way, we hear and see the reckless abandon by which she pleasures these men.  Would you go back after this?  We’re told Rebecca was eventually used 3-4 more times that evening and that her husband came back in the morning to find her naked with dried cum all over her pussy and ass. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY

Memo to All: New Office Rules


Have you heard this new term for work attire called Casual Fridays? I started hearing about it back in the early 90s and then it started taking on a whole new meaning. When I first started working out of college it was a suit every day. Women could wear skirts but they had to go below the knee. Men ALWAYS wore a suit and tie in the white collar world. If you wore a blazer or a mix and match type of wardrobe it was considered unacceptable. I remember during my training on Wall St., that this one girl with an MBA from Wharton was told to go home because her skirt was one inch above the knee. But now things have become so casual. People can wear whatever they want in an office setting. Quite frankly I’m a little old fashioned, but really?

Lately a couple people in my office have sent me this acronym: “Hi, I’m going to WFH today. Hope you don’t mind”. Well I don’t mind but I sure hope their clients don’t mind. WFH? WTF? Doesn’t anyone want to work hard to make money? Oh, for those who don’t know, WFH means “Work From Home”. My husband told me to chill and to try it myself, so I tried it. It is pretty addicting. I took a TDW – “Three Day Weekend” and just Chillaxed at home. CLICK HERE to come over and spend a “Casual Friday” with me.