Memo to All: New Office Rules


Have you heard this new term for work attire called Casual Fridays? I started hearing about it back in the early 90s and then it started taking on a whole new meaning. When I first started working out of college it was a suit every day. Women could wear skirts but they had to go below the knee. Men ALWAYS wore a suit and tie in the white collar world. If you wore a blazer or a mix and match type of wardrobe it was considered unacceptable. I remember during my training on Wall St., that this one girl with an MBA from Wharton was told to go home because her skirt was one inch above the knee. But now things have become so casual. People can wear whatever they want in an office setting. Quite frankly I’m a little old fashioned, but really?

Lately a couple people in my office have sent me this acronym: “Hi, I’m going to WFH today. Hope you don’t mind”. Well I don’t mind but I sure hope their clients don’t mind. WFH? WTF? Doesn’t anyone want to work hard to make money? Oh, for those who don’t know, WFH means “Work From Home”. My husband told me to chill and to try it myself, so I tried it. It is pretty addicting. I took a TDW – “Three Day Weekend” and just Chillaxed at home. CLICK HERE to come over and spend a “Casual Friday” with me.