Searching for the Great Pumpkin


My girlfriend and I thought that we’d head out on more of a documentary photo shoot, but got more than we bargained for. We started out with the thought of “Rebecca going shopping for a pumpkin” and headed out to the seaside pumpkin farm for a few photos around the pumpkin patch when the owner told us that we couldn’t take commercial photos around his patch. Well when we told him what we were doing, he still told us that he couldn’t take it around his patch, but that he had 40 other acres where we could roam and take any photos we wanted. So I will have to apologize that there are no pumpkins in this photo set, but I’m sure you’ll be entertained although this wasn’t the Halloween photo shoot that I was planning. I love getting naked in public!

Wow, you are going to see a great property behind the scenes. You’ll be glad to see trespassers like me in the future. Being a country girl at heart, I felt so comfortable just stripping down and get naked outdoors! A special thanks to Farmer Barry for letting us use his property as this incredible backdrop. It ended up being a beautiful day for a naked hike. CLICK HERE!