Happy Thanksgiving – My Pie & Getting Stuffed

Thankful copyIMG_0812

One of the beautiful things about Thanksgiving is that it really is an unselfish holiday here in the US.  It is a time when people invite those who have nowhere to go to their homes and give them a warm welcome. Well I recently was talking to a good friend who needed a break from the rat race and wanted to go away with someone.  He asked if I could come along with him on a trip.  Of course I wouldn’t mind.  I couldn’t let him go on vacation alone!  It was my way of giving thanks.  I gave him the gift of my company and he gave me the gift of a nice little vacation as well as a lot of Stuffing. Hey, I’m no turkey! Can you guess where we ended up?  Make sure you watch til the very end! 

Click Here to see where I was taken.

Video Update – Rebecca Gives a Study Break

StudyBreak copy

All work and no play makes you very boring. It should also make you very horny. Those of you who are parents I know must worry and wonder if your child is doing okay far from home. Well one of my playmates was a bad boy and hadn’t touched base with me in a while. Something about having exams and that things were getting very hard. He didn’t have to tell me that! LOL! I remembered how hard it was to cram for a test. Sometimes you need to relax and you can absorb the materials … and a few other things as well. SO I decided to pay my young friend a surprise visit in his dorm room for a little R&R from his studies. I thought I’d test him on some other material instead. Sort of a Mrs. Robinson led tutoring session if you catch my drift. Come and check it out. CLICK HERE and put a sock on the door so your roommate doesn’t bother us.

My First Class Ass Update



Alright guys.  Let me hear your comments too.

I always get these comments about my ass.  It makes me laugh to hear such things.  When I started on Dreamnet I always was a little nervous about what kinds of comments might come back, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d have received so many comments about my backside.  Quite frankly some of the comments make me burst out laughing while others leave me quite speechless.  Well, recently a gentleman admirer wrote me the most fantastic poem about my rear which I will be posting on my blog if he will give me the approval to do so.  He called it “Rebecca’s Upper Class Ass”. He really put his heart and soul into it, so I thought I’d dedicate this update to his poem and feature my ass in my own classy way.

To me, nothing says classy like the starlets of yesteryear in their black and white photos.  Those glamorous starlets in black dresses and red lipstick looking at the camera with their perfect smiles.  Oh how I wanted to be like them.  Well I thought I’d do one of those pictorials with a little twist.  So if you are an ass lover, then you’ll hopefully enjoy what I hope will be a long-remembered pictorial. CLICK HERE TO HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT MY ASS.

Sex on the Beach with Rebecca


I know Winter is upon us and things are getting cold out there.  You aren’t going to get many snowy updates from me.  I just want you to think warm thoughts when you think of me.  Can you do that? I got such great feedback on my last beach update that I thought I’d stay with that theme this week and make you want to curl up with me under the sun.  Have you ever had sex on the beach!?  No I did not mean the drink.  I mean real sex.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin makes my love petals just open wide for pollination.

Okay, the truth about me is that I am a neat freak!  The thought of getting sand in my private parts sounds so awful.   When that sand started blowing around I almost screamed.  I was getting horny though. And I think others noticed.  Men started coming around taking a look at me.  I told one guy that if he got any closer he’d have to pull down his trunks and get between my legs.  So do you like the idea of Sex on the Beach?  Make you horny?  Come in and make sure you bring a beach towel for us to lay down on. Now let’s make sand castles