My First Class Ass Update


Alright guys.  Let me hear your comments too.

I always get these comments about my ass.  It makes me laugh to hear such things.  When I started on Dreamnet I always was a little nervous about what kinds of comments might come back, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d have received so many comments about my backside.  Quite frankly some of the comments make me burst out laughing while others leave me quite speechless.  Well, recently a gentleman admirer wrote me the most fantastic poem about my rear which I will be posting on my blog if he will give me the approval to do so.  He called it “Rebecca’s Upper Class Ass”. He really put his heart and soul into it, so I thought I’d dedicate this update to his poem and feature my ass in my own classy way.

To me, nothing says classy like the starlets of yesteryear in their black and white photos.  Those glamorous starlets in black dresses and red lipstick looking at the camera with their perfect smiles.  Oh how I wanted to be like them.  Well I thought I’d do one of those pictorials with a little twist.  So if you are an ass lover, then you’ll hopefully enjoy what I hope will be a long-remembered pictorial. CLICK HERE TO HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT MY ASS.

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