Happy Thanksgiving – My Pie & Getting Stuffed

Thankful copyIMG_0812

One of the beautiful things about Thanksgiving is that it really is an unselfish holiday here in the US.  It is a time when people invite those who have nowhere to go to their homes and give them a warm welcome. Well I recently was talking to a good friend who needed a break from the rat race and wanted to go away with someone.  He asked if I could come along with him on a trip.  Of course I wouldn’t mind.  I couldn’t let him go on vacation alone!  It was my way of giving thanks.  I gave him the gift of my company and he gave me the gift of a nice little vacation as well as a lot of Stuffing. Hey, I’m no turkey! Can you guess where we ended up?  Make sure you watch til the very end! 

Click Here to see where I was taken.