The Secret of Mrs. Claus


Were you naughty or nice?  That always has been the question, hasn’t it?  Well let me tell you, the naughty big little boys out there get something good too.  That husband of mine parades around with that white beard and that bright red outfit all night long, leaving me home alone.  Isn’t that the story you hear?  Well, I go to all the places he doesn’t.  Yes Mrs. Claus takes care of all the naughty one’s out there.  We naughty ones celebrate a little differently.  Yes, he might be looking at his list and checking it twice, but Mrs. Claus doesn’t care who was nice.

 Want something spicy for the holidays!  I have your free shipping for you as well.  I am the one who believes the holidays are for everyone and in true Christmas spirit makes sure nobody is left out in the cold!  If the Jolly Old Soul has left you with nothing this holiday season, come on in and let Mrs. Claus take care of you.  I’ll keep you warm and cozy.

Wednesday in the Park with Rebecca



Part of being with Rebecca’s Office is that I love beautiful places. I’ve taken you all to Paris, Vegas, Cancun, Hawaii, and even New York.  As my fans know, while all the action happens in the bedroom, I still like to get out and enjoy myself.  I’m an outdoors girl. In fact if you asked if I’d rather stay inside with my mother by the fire after a snow storm or hang with my dad plowing snow off the driveway, I’d choose the latter. So when I travel for business, you won’t see me sitting in conference rooms, visiting dark art museums, or even enjoying a movie.  I like to get out!  I want to be with the people and I want you to come with me!

So here I am visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of my favorites.  If you haven’t been to this location, make sure to take the less beaten path.  You never know what you might find.  In fact, you might find some gal shooting naked photos!  Want to take a tour?    Check it out and see if you can tell where I am.  Come in and follow me for more clues as to where I am.

Rebecca Under Surveillance for InsideHer Trading


Rebecca’s activities with Dreamnet have always brought on suspicion.  What does she do after work when she leaves the trading floor?  Is she posing nude on the web?  Where does she go?  Who is she meeting up with?  She’s always been successful, but we have been wondering why she is always so secretive.  We decided to follow her and find out if our suspicions are true.  Is Rebecca deceiving all of us?  What is her secret?  Shhhh, don’t let her know she’s being followed.

Surveillance is tricky work.  We can’t let Rebecca know that we are following her sexy booty.  We want to catch her in the act and then expose her and any accomplices.  This could be the biggest bust of the year if we catch her in the act.  Okay, she’s on the move.  Hurry up, I have a feeling we are going to unveil a great deal about Rebecca today.  Click here to discover her secret!

Some like it Big and Hard.


I’ve been asked a lot lately if I am a size queen.  It really has made me think.  I guess I probably am.  I hadn’t thought about it much, but I’ve been thinking about my partners and they all have amazing girth.  In fact though, I do like them when they have a little bit of texture and aren’t perfectly straight.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Even when I am outside I get turned on when I look up and see large glass cylindrical buildings.  They look like large dildos to me!  I just want to jump on them.  So how crazy do I get?

So I was out for a walk and came across this huge log.  I mean can you say, “Got Wood”?  I really have to confess that to me nothing drives me crazier.  I just had to mount this bad boy and see how it fit.  I spent a couple hours sizing it up.  Come in and see my obsession with this masterpiece.  You can bet that I have been back here several times to visit my new shrine dedicated to all size queens out there.  Come IN & check it out!