Polar Vortex My Butt


Okay, I know I no longer live in the Midwest or work in the East, but this Polar Vortex thing is old news.  It seems like every day I’m hearing about new records in temperature.  I thought we were in the middle of Global Warming.  Isn’t everything supposed to be hotter these days?  Well I know many of you outside of the West are freezing and I do sympathize.  This week I hope to provide you with some warmth.  So I thought I’d run back out to the beach to remind you what women look like under all those layers of clothes!  I’m not trying to rub these 70 degree temperatures in your face.  I’m sure you love to have me rub a few things in your face though.

We are setting records all over the country.  Frost bite?  Are we really serious?  Well I hope that this pictorial is hot enough to melt the snow off your driveway and to get your body out from hiding under all those clothes.  So why am I really doing this pictorial?  Well I do have some questions for all you out there trapped in those freezing temperatures.  Hopefully you can answer my questions.  If not, please try it out and let me know the answer.  What questions?  Well here is one question.  Is it so cold out there that “blue balls”  is given a whole new meaning?  Please CLICK HERE and help me answer the other Polar Vortex questions.


Help Support the Dreamnet Scholar! Please buy Her Video


Did I mention my husband is lucky? He has been helping Rob search out Dreamnet talent when this little college hottie walked in the door. He fell for her big brown eyes and then her story about how she needed the money to help finish her college education. I got to meet her and she is a truly sweet young lady. Well I thought she made a video with him (NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE). Wow, I might have to go with my husband to these auditions in the future. Also would like to know what you think. Maybe I should teach her how to give blowjobs. I’m sure she could teach me a thing or two.

UPDATE – She no longer is associated with Dreamnet, but you can still find her.

She lost her scholarship with Dreamnet but you can still find her. CLICK HERE to help her through College

My First Video of the Year


I have to admit, I have a pretty lucky husband.  Not only does he get to live with me, but he has a front row seat to all the action.  In fact most of the actual sex videos are by his design and arrangement with his own wife being the star.  You must know by now that I don’t videotape every single sex event that I have.  I do have boyfriends who prefer to remain anonymous and I do have a real life and feelings with them that must be kept private.  So that does frustrate my husband as he might go months without seeing me have sex.  He only gets to hear the stories about me. 

So on occasion he does take out his sexual frustration and surprises me.  What you are about to watch is a hotel meeting out of town where my husband and I had arranged to get away for the weekend for a little R&R.  Well little did I know that he had arranged for two well hung studs to keep me busy all weekend long.  What you are about to see is the first encounter right after I found out about his plan.  I had just opened my suitcase to find he had replaced all my clothes with slut clothes. Soon after, Big Billy knocked on the door.  Watch as he takes me right into my first orgasm of the weekend with the widest cock east of the Mississippi.


Traffic Alert! Rebecca Avoids Gridlock!

Gridlock copy

I always like to keep my updates somewhat educational and to help you learn about me.  As you know I am a transplanted Midwesterner.  I do love the life of sun, fun, surf and entertainment glamour, but I can tell you the one thing I will never get used to is the traffic here in California.  If you have never been or even if you live here, one of the key things that come out of people’s mouths is, “take the 10” or “take the 405”.  These refer to the two main highways in LA.  If you hear someone tell you that, then avoid their instructions and find a different way.  In fact, we even moved recently just 15 miles when my husband had to change offices.  We did not want to have to deal with traffic on the highway.  Recently we had to go 20 miles to see the symphony.  Guess what, we caught in traffic and I had to find a place to stop.

Have you ever been under a highway?  Well overpasses are a big deal around here.  Lots of homeless and unwanteds make the place their home.  I was dressed for the formal symphony and needed to find some place private.  Oh my goodness, the stench was unbearable.  Don’t worry, I keep my private time to myself.  You are not going to see me dispense liquids.  That said, come in and see if I can stop traffic! 


Rebecca’s Hangover & Resolutions for 2014


I lost control this past New Year’s Eve and if you know me, I don’t lose control very often.  In fact I think I drank a little too much.  That sure got 2014 started off a little odd.  The worst part is that there isn’t much I remember from last night.  Were you with me?  Did you take advantage of me?  We didn’t do it unprotected did we?  As you all know, when I get drunk, I lose all inhibitions.  I probably broke all my resolutions within hours of the clock hitting midnight.  I guess I can’t hold my liquor.

This is true.  I woke up at 9am the next morning and my lover was up already watching football parades.  When I asked him what happened, he said that I appeared to just fall asleep during our 4th round of the night.  Fourth?  Holy cow.  Well, now you get to see what is officially my first photo shoot of 2014.  Hopefully you don’t mind my first thing in the morning look.  Come in and let me tell you what is in store in Rebecca’s Office in 2014.

Splash in the New Year! Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year!  Well you might just say that I thought I’d enter the new year with a splash!  For those of you who have never been to California but have heard about California Girls, Hollywood, Movie stars and starlets, I thought I’d take you to the city of stars, or at least the most famous celebrity community outside of Beverly Hills. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s Malibu.  So famous that they named a female doll after it.  I hope to show and tell you about some little known bits about this area.  I also learned something about these kinds of photos and why you horny men love them.  I bet you didn’t know why.

I’ve always wanted to do a California girl photoshoot, but felt odd since I really am a Midwesterner, but after living here for the last 9 years, I think it makes sense that I  show you how the area has changed me.  I definitely can’t deal with the weather east of the Mississippi, so as we hit Winter, I wanted to show all of you a little California sun!  Perhaps this will help you thaw out if you are knee deep in snow wherever you are.  This is the way it shall be all year long!  Come in, the water is not too bad!