Rebecca’s Hangover & Resolutions for 2014


I lost control this past New Year’s Eve and if you know me, I don’t lose control very often.  In fact I think I drank a little too much.  That sure got 2014 started off a little odd.  The worst part is that there isn’t much I remember from last night.  Were you with me?  Did you take advantage of me?  We didn’t do it unprotected did we?  As you all know, when I get drunk, I lose all inhibitions.  I probably broke all my resolutions within hours of the clock hitting midnight.  I guess I can’t hold my liquor.

This is true.  I woke up at 9am the next morning and my lover was up already watching football parades.  When I asked him what happened, he said that I appeared to just fall asleep during our 4th round of the night.  Fourth?  Holy cow.  Well, now you get to see what is officially my first photo shoot of 2014.  Hopefully you don’t mind my first thing in the morning look.  Come in and let me tell you what is in store in Rebecca’s Office in 2014.

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