Rebecca Is Pure as Snow


I know that you aren’t supposed to wear white before Memorial Day, but hey when you live in the land of the Sun, white is always in.  One of my fans who has been living in blizzard conditions all Winter bought this summer dress for me and I must say it so beautiful.  Given that it was 80 degrees out, I wore it to work.  I felt like everyone was staring at me.  What’s wrong, am I not pure enough to wear something as white as snow?

My husband got home before me and when he saw me in this dress, he told me I just had to take some photos for the site.  He said it reminded him of a shorter version of my wedding dress. It sure does.  I would have loved to have had a dress like this for my wedding.  Or maybe even my wedding night!  It makes me feel so pure.  Could you sleep with a woman wearing a dress like this?  Personally, wearing this dress makes me want to be bad!  Let’s get bad together!  CLICK HERE

College Girl vs Wife go Head to Head giving Head

Brittany v. Rebecca – The Blow Off Double Feature POVs (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive) – What guy doesn’t dream of getting a blowjob from a cute college hottie. Well we at Dreamnet have your dream come true. Yes this video comes with instructions. We ask that you first buy this video and download to your personal viewer of choice that you can fit between your legs.

Now hop on your bed and pull your pants down. Ready? Now hit play and watch a real college porn star hop onto the bed with you, look directly into your eyes and give you a sloppy blow job until she can taste your sweetness on your lips. We have it on good knowledge from our willing stuntman that his cock was still pulsing and aching four days later as her suction was so tight and strong.

Don’t you just love this? Watching the line of drool extending from her lips to her fingers right onto your stiff tool. Pretty hard to resist don’t you think? Now let’s see if you can handle going back to school!

BUT WAIT…. This gets better. Keep that viewer between your legs as Rebecca tries to get you hard again.

Rebecca heard that her husband has been getting blowjobs from college hotties. We’ve never seen this in Rebecca but she sure is possessive and she aims to show her husband that she is still the queen of the blow jobs. So which blowjob would you prefer?

We can’t choose. All we know is that Rebecca’s husband is one lucky bastard. He can probably tell you which is better, but if he’s smart, he’ll just keep doing comparisons. CLICK HERE

Count the orgasms. Can you get it right?



DoubleTrouble21Alright, I don’t know about all of you, but I find it hard to watch myself have sex. The sex is awesome, but for me these guys are so amazing and it becomes such an out of body experience. I almost seem to be on another planet as they just send me into outer space with their talents.

So what I want to ask you is when you watch this scene, tell me how many orgasms you count out of me. My lover knew his buddy was going to come by soon so he wanted to get all of my attention before he arrived. He first had me ride him and then flips me over and then spoons me from behind and then has me coming over and over as I feel helpless as he stuffs his bare cock in me unloading himself several times deep inside me.

Do you think you could make me come like this? I lost track of all the orgasms. Can you CLICK HERE and count them for me?

What’s Rebecca doing? Happy Valentine’s Day

Everyone is wanting to know that all important question?  Is Rebecca spending the evening with her hubby or is she out with one of her guys?  What do You Think?

I’m not big on Valentine’s for two reasons.  First, It is just one day a year. and Second, everything is more expensive that day.  Nothing worse than wanting to go to your favorite restaurant to find that they have a prix fixe menu and are charging more for it!

So no I did not make plans with my husband.  It is just another Friday night.  Movie Night.  I’ll probably go to the movie with my boy toy.  It is best to let him know that on Valentine’s we can check out a movie.and that he is the one who makes me swoon.

My husband?  Don’t worry about him.  Follow the exploits of his gal pal if you need to know how the other half lives:


Rebecca Hearts You – Be My Valentine?


I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but Valentine’s Day is really a Hallmark holiday. Moreover, the talk of chocolates, cards, and flowers is the cheap way out. Yeah, I woman wants to be wined and dines. Give me baubles dahlin’! What does a woman really want? Come on, we aren’t little girls. We want big things. We want things that make you go wild. Tiny lingerie, glittery shiny accessories, high heels that make our rear ends stick out, and hot steamy body parts that make a woman swoon and moan. So you think you can be my Valentine? Will you be mine? Let me give you a few hints.

It’s true. The way to a woman’s heart starts with her feet and goes right up between her legs. I can’t tell you how many ugly vases I have in my cupboards. They used to be filled with overpriced roses arranged in a way only old ladies would like it. Me? Don’t give me a card or chocolates that will make me fat. Come in here big boy, I’ll tell you what your girl wants.

Rebecca is a Slave for You


People are always asking if I’m dominant or submissive.  I really am not one or the other.  I do admit I like confidence in my lover and that someone who knows what they are doing between the sheets is pretty attractive in my book.  Well for that matter it works that way for me in the board room as well.  If you are put together and have your act together I can really get wet between the thighs although you might never know.   SO I guess you might say that at work I can be pretty dominant during the day just because I have more people reporting to me.  Then when I get home I like to relinquish control.  My husband says it is an amazing transformation once I walk in the door and lay down.

As my favorite singer sings….I’m a SLAVE for you!  But then again I can be Becca…BITCH!  Take your pick.  Actually many of you know to never call me Becca if you don’t want to see that side of me.  Want to see my transformation?  Do ya?  Okay, honestly, I’m just a nice sweet girl.  I’m a terrible actress.  Just CLICK HERE and tell me if I look like I can be a BITCH.  I am so obedient.