College Girl vs Wife go Head to Head giving Head

Brittany v. Rebecca – The Blow Off Double Feature POVs (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive) – What guy doesn’t dream of getting a blowjob from a cute college hottie. Well we at Dreamnet have your dream come true. Yes this video comes with instructions. We ask that you first buy this video and download to your personal viewer of choice that you can fit between your legs.

Now hop on your bed and pull your pants down. Ready? Now hit play and watch a real college porn star hop onto the bed with you, look directly into your eyes and give you a sloppy blow job until she can taste your sweetness on your lips. We have it on good knowledge from our willing stuntman that his cock was still pulsing and aching four days later as her suction was so tight and strong.

Don’t you just love this? Watching the line of drool extending from her lips to her fingers right onto your stiff tool. Pretty hard to resist don’t you think? Now let’s see if you can handle going back to school!

BUT WAIT…. This gets better. Keep that viewer between your legs as Rebecca tries to get you hard again.

Rebecca heard that her husband has been getting blowjobs from college hotties. We’ve never seen this in Rebecca but she sure is possessive and she aims to show her husband that she is still the queen of the blow jobs. So which blowjob would you prefer?

We can’t choose. All we know is that Rebecca’s husband is one lucky bastard. He can probably tell you which is better, but if he’s smart, he’ll just keep doing comparisons. CLICK HERE