Spring Break with Rebecca! A Geek Treat!

SprinGeek copy

With all the bad weather across the country due to the Polar Vortex, I thought I’d do a Spring Break update for everyone who isn’t able to enjoy the break themselves.  Of course, the weather isn’t cooperating on my side!  That’s okay, I really feel bad for all those young men out there who have been studying their brains out in their rooms and offices dreaming of laying their hands on some co-ed tushy over the Spring Break.  No need to head to the beaches, you know I’m here year round for your pleasure.  I LOVE GEEKS!

Ft. Lauderdale?  Palm Springs?  Las Vegas?  What is your Spring Break pleasure?  Perhaps my bedroom might be a better place.  Let’s just say you don’t need any wet t-shirts when you visit me for Spring Break.  All I want to give you is a Spring Break experience to help you relax and provide a memorable experience for all you brainiacs who have been working so hard! Now get up from your desks, stretch and CLICK HERE to enjoy Spring Break 2014. 

Rebecca gets Doubled Up



As Broad Billy finishes his turn with Rebecca, you will need to turn the sound down as he stretches her out in a doggy position and then spreads her ass he makes Rebecca scream with pleasure. If you ever wondered if a woman enjoys it in the ass, watch Rebecca’s face as she grimaces in pleasure as Billy stretches her wide open.

Rebecca thought she was done, but back came her handler, the real Boss. Rebecca had gotten dressed and she was ready to call it an evening when they stripped our young business exec and turned her out again stuffing her mouth and pussy at the same time as Rebecca writhes in pleasure she’s never felt before arching her back as their tongues brainwash this high end Ivy Leaguer into a sex crazed BBC loving slut. Raise your hand if you think Rebecca could use a third man in this video and COME INSIDE NOW!

I want to pump up your muscles!


It is never fun to work out alone.  Sometimes it is good to have a partner to help spot you and motivate you to work harder and harder to get that hard body.  I’ve been lacking a little inspiration lately and would love for you guys to come help me out.  I warn you that we might have to get close and sweaty.  Your muscles might even get pretty tense.  If you think you can handle Rebecca Boot Camp, then let’s see if you can keep up!

Who is ready to hit the gym with me!  I like it hard core!  When you work out with me there are lots of aches and pains.  There might also be lots of grunting, groaning and the release of bodily fluids.  If you don’t mind letting it all hang out there, then come on in.  Let’s get everyone in shape for Summer.  Are you a little girlie man? Yes, that’s right!  I’m Rebecca and you’re not.  I’m here to (Clap) PUMP YOU UP!!  So come in by clicking RIGHT HERE unless you are a Girlie Man.

The Accidental Naked Tourist


Hey you, you know who you are.  You go off to a conference and then you hear the most boring people in the world talk about your work.  You are in a beautiful town with great food, great sights and friends you want to visit.  Oh and hopefully you have a good expense account.  Well, I was just visiting this wonderful and beautiful city and all I heard was “Blah, Blah, Blah”.  After my 3rd cup of coffee I got up and saw everyone else was out in the hallway arranging their own side trips.  I saw one colleague hop in a cab!  By the afternoon, half the conference was empty.  So I called my girlfriend and said come pick me up!  I need to go have some fun!  Let’s go!

 Wow, sometimes you see things that inspire you.  And finding a historical landmark and taking photos with it are so amazing.  I mean how many times do you get to get naked in front of an iconic structure known worldwide.  Actually I think this is the second time I’ve done this and I know other Dreamnet girls have done this as well.  Come on in and check it out!