I want to pump up your muscles!


It is never fun to work out alone.  Sometimes it is good to have a partner to help spot you and motivate you to work harder and harder to get that hard body.  I’ve been lacking a little inspiration lately and would love for you guys to come help me out.  I warn you that we might have to get close and sweaty.  Your muscles might even get pretty tense.  If you think you can handle Rebecca Boot Camp, then let’s see if you can keep up!

Who is ready to hit the gym with me!  I like it hard core!  When you work out with me there are lots of aches and pains.  There might also be lots of grunting, groaning and the release of bodily fluids.  If you don’t mind letting it all hang out there, then come on in.  Let’s get everyone in shape for Summer.  Are you a little girlie man? Yes, that’s right!  I’m Rebecca and you’re not.  I’m here to (Clap) PUMP YOU UP!!  So come in by clicking RIGHT HERE unless you are a Girlie Man.

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