Rebecca is the Catch of the Day


What I love about living on the coast is the available fresh produce and fish.  There is nothing like going down to the fish markets and buying seafood from the markets right after they come in off the boats.  You don’t pay the marked up prices and you get the freshest sea food.  Not to mention, the guys are big hunks and I love watching them flex their muscles.  You might say that I like to go fishing for fresh food as well!

Today I went to the piers to see what the catch of the day or see what might have been caught in the nets.  Some crab?  Some shellfish?!  Maybe a mermaid?  LOL!  I actually got caught up in the moment of the day as well.  It was Brilliantly sunny with the fresh air.  Maybe it was the oysters that I slurped up, but it got me so horny I had to take off my clothes!  CLICK HERE to see the CATCH OF THE DAY!

MILF Hunting for Rebecca


I think I now know why women are often referred to felines!  Because cats are always on the prowl.  I mean, don’t you always see women with cougar or leopard print dresses.  It is also because they like to be hunted down.   And I guess when we wear our leopard prints that we become the most hunted species out there.  Now I understand why they might be hunting us for our fur.  Have you researched your prey?  If not, let’s help you learn about the habitat of this species!

So you like to hunt cougars?!  They really are a domestic cat and not considered dangerous.  Any hunting of this species must be done with care.  You will need to set traps that are humane in nature.  They don’t have any calws or fangs and some might even call them cute.  There aren’t many wild ones, but this particular feline is a rare breed.  CLICK HERE to come inside as we follow her in her habitat.

Rebecca Rides Again – Video Update


Rebecca loves to call her young stud whenever she needs a little satisfaction. He always seems to be a ready and willing participant. It doesn’t hurt that he lives nearby although he has roommates. Her young bull is always so intense and makes our Cougar feel like a panther as she sneaks into a hotel room and lets this young gentleman have his way with her. As you can see this Young Bull does not wait around. As she leads him to bed he immediately jumps on top of Rebecca and gives her little time to warm up before he’s got her legs up over her head, then flips her over, grabs her hips and rams her until tears come out of her eyes.

That is only the beginning until you see her at her best, a reverse cowgirl as she rides her young bull like a rodeo champ. All we can say is Yeee-Hah! Ride em Rebecca! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INTERRACIAL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Now Taking Sign Ups for Booty Camp

Booty copy

Alright, time to get out of those winter doldrums.  Nor more excuses.  We’ve all put on a few pounds while hibernating in out homes during the Winter months.  Many of you have put on a few extra layers trying to keep warm, but I’m here to help you shed those pounds and get ready for summer bikini or swim season.  C’mon guys, you can work out with me too.  Sergeant Rebecca is here to take you through her booty camp!  So who wants to sign up?   C’mon everyone, let’s man up!

We all need a little motivation to get off that chair and into the gym.  I’m here to help make that happen.  Donkeys have carrots.  I’ve got my booty right here.  Come and get it.  You know you want it.  Now just get out of that chair and catch me if you can.  I promise that if you pass booty camp, this booty will sit on your face!  Now get in here and let’s shape up together! CLICK HERE!