Now Taking Sign Ups for Booty Camp

Booty copy

Alright, time to get out of those winter doldrums.  Nor more excuses.  We’ve all put on a few pounds while hibernating in out homes during the Winter months.  Many of you have put on a few extra layers trying to keep warm, but I’m here to help you shed those pounds and get ready for summer bikini or swim season.  C’mon guys, you can work out with me too.  Sergeant Rebecca is here to take you through her booty camp!  So who wants to sign up?   C’mon everyone, let’s man up!

We all need a little motivation to get off that chair and into the gym.  I’m here to help make that happen.  Donkeys have carrots.  I’ve got my booty right here.  Come and get it.  You know you want it.  Now just get out of that chair and catch me if you can.  I promise that if you pass booty camp, this booty will sit on your face!  Now get in here and let’s shape up together! CLICK HERE!