I Never Fake It

Purple copy


Is purple my favorite color.  No, but if you have noticed, I do wear it quite a bit.  Why?  I’m not sure, but lately I’ve been hearing that people think my videos are the closest to real sex that they’ve seen on the web.  Someone suggested that it is about the color purple.  I laughed at that suggestion.  Well that is because it is real sex.  Nothing orchestrated or scripted.  In fact it is real passion.  I cannot have sex with someone unless I’ve gotten the chance to spend some time with them first.  That is why I’d make a bad professional porn star.  Everything I do has real emotion and passion.  But just in case, I am wearing purple again for you this week.

I never do things half way.  I must put every ounce of effort into all that I do.  So that is why I have lots of footage that you have never seen.  I just don’t fake it.  That is right, I don’t fake orgasms!  Click Here to See Me in Full Passion!

The Seduction of Rebecca Continues – Penetrated


The more you watch, the more you see why this is called a seduction.


A seduction is defined as an event whereby one is convinced to let their guard down and do something they would not normally do.

 Well after the last foreplay video, we watch how Rebecca spreads her legs and takes on her lover.  Watch as she squeals and grunts and groans and squirts.  She reduces her husband into a towel and water boy.  We heard from her husband that all the sounds that you hear her make are sounds that he had never ever heard his wife make until that evening.  Watch as she looks into her lover’s eyes and then closes her eyes as she enjoys his deep thrusts that sink deep between her legs.

 Then listen to her squeal as he probes his finger into her tight asshole.  You can hear her cries of joy as she is confused as to whether she should resist or just enjoy the feeling that she isn’t supposed to love. 

 Does your lover or spouse make these kinds of noises when they make love?  If not, then they need to be seduced like Rebecca. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

The Seduction of Rebecca Video


Once again we see Rebecca in her native habitat. 

When you watch this video, imagine Rebecca visiting someone she’s meeting for the very first time.  She’s seen photos, she’s chatted online, and chatted on the phone, yet that whole day leading up to her meeting her suitor, she’s nervous as a rabbit.  It’s different talking anonymously online, but when in his arms and touching his skin, she becomes a different person.  As she sees his cock in person all of her nervousness and inhibitions get thrown out the door. She becomes putty in his hands as he plays with her pussy and drives her into an uncontrolled orgasm.

Did we mention this is just foreplay?  What girl doesn’t like foreplay?  Obviously Rebecca enjoys it a lot.  Watch her become seduced into his world of uncontrolled desire.

My Apology, My Punishment


Dear Fans,

I’m so sorry for being a flirt and leaving you with raging boners.  A couple of my lovers have told me that what I did last week in my “Flirty” update was not nice and that I needed to pay for what I did.  And now I am apologizing.  I did not mean to hurt anyone.  I just want you all to want me and lust after me.  If that means I need to be held captive and take my punishment, then that is what I will do.  I didn’t meant to hurt you all, but I guess I will have to take my medicine.  So I am here.  Punish me.  Tell me what you want to do to me.  I’m a big girl and will admit my mistakes when I am wrong and suffer the consequences.

 Humbly,  Rebecca


To  Rebecca’s fans,

 This is Rebecca’s husband..  We are sorry that Rebecca flirted with you last week and gave you all blue balls.  She has no idea how much that hurts.  We got lots of letters saying how cruel that was to torture you all like that.  I listened to her lovers and they said we needed to publicly punish her.  We hope we were able to ease your pain.  We caught Rebecca when she wasn’t looking and have prepared her for you. 

CLICK HERE to see Rebecca punished!

Rebecca is The Flirt


Someone on Twitter accused me of being a big Tease last month and I told them I was just flirting!!  Well the next thing you know these panties show up in the mail!  Now let me just say this.  Teasers really never intend to get to know you.  That is why strippers dance what is called a Strip-Tease.  They are only there to tempt you.  Now people who flirt actually find you attractive and flirt with you because they want to see if you are interested too!

Have you ever been flirted with?  Isn’t that so sexy?  Made you just want to attack, didn’t it?  Oh you know when we flirt that there is always something we are trying to say and want you to get!  Do you get it?  Do you understand what we want?   CLICK HERE to come inside and see what we are trying to say.