My Apology, My Punishment


Dear Fans,

I’m so sorry for being a flirt and leaving you with raging boners.  A couple of my lovers have told me that what I did last week in my “Flirty” update was not nice and that I needed to pay for what I did.  And now I am apologizing.  I did not mean to hurt anyone.  I just want you all to want me and lust after me.  If that means I need to be held captive and take my punishment, then that is what I will do.  I didn’t meant to hurt you all, but I guess I will have to take my medicine.  So I am here.  Punish me.  Tell me what you want to do to me.  I’m a big girl and will admit my mistakes when I am wrong and suffer the consequences.

 Humbly,  Rebecca


To  Rebecca’s fans,

 This is Rebecca’s husband..  We are sorry that Rebecca flirted with you last week and gave you all blue balls.  She has no idea how much that hurts.  We got lots of letters saying how cruel that was to torture you all like that.  I listened to her lovers and they said we needed to publicly punish her.  We hope we were able to ease your pain.  We caught Rebecca when she wasn’t looking and have prepared her for you. 

CLICK HERE to see Rebecca punished!